Why Smart Speakers Are Popular Gift Idea This Holiday Season

Smart Speakers 101  The trendy devices can help you with everything from appointment reminders to grocery shopping lists to playing your favorite music and podcasts. It’s that last item that has the radio world excited. Find out why all the buzz is good news not only for broadcasters but also importantly for you.

A recent trend has shown an increase in radio listenership through popular smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. So what can broadcasters do to take advantage of this trend? Steve Goldstein of Amplifi Media and Sonic Ai aims to help.

A broadcaster by trade, most recently as EVP at Saga Communications, Steve saw a shift to on-demand content, and in 2015 launched Amplifi, a firm focused on developing on-demand audio—the intersection of podcasting and broadcasting. Earlier this year, Steve partnered with Jacobs Media on Sonic Ai, who develops smart speaker skills (more on skills later) for podcasters and broadcasters.

So what is it about smart speakers that make it easier for people to listen to radio? Steve explains, “There are a number of factors. For starters, the number of radios in the home has been on a steady decline. By some estimates, two-thirds of homes do not have radios. Generationally it’s even fewer.” Steve says the notion that it’s a choice between a radio and something else isn’t really true anymore – in some homes, there is no radio.

While it may be hard for those of us in the broadcast industry to imagine, the smartphone has replaced the radio and clock radio in many homes. “The smartphone is an entertainment hub,” Steve says. “It’s where people listen to music, get the news, watch videos, and so on. It’s transitioned from a telephone to a full-fledged hub. Part of that hub can be radio, but very little listening to radio occurs through the device.”

Steve says radio stations need to think beyond the transmitter and audio stream. While there are only so many radio stations in a market, there are 100,000 radio stations available via the TuneIn Radio app, streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, and 400,000 podcasts. “You’re talking about an awful lot of audio,” he asserts. “The focus needs to be on-demand content. That’s the trend. The expectation today is that content is available on-demand.” The ability to listen whenever and wherever a listener desires—in the car, while they’re walking the dog, when they’re exercising—is in step with today’s lifestyles.

Steve Goldstein

It’s the same arc we’ve seen on the video side with on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, and others. While adoption has been slower on the audio side, the conversion is happening rapidly among millennials.

An Edison Research study from NPR earlier this year showed that somewhere between 7-11% of homes in the U.S. have these devices and the largest group of users is millennials (18-34). And we should expect this trend to continue, especially with the holidays upon us. “We should expect these devices are going to sell like hotcakes over holiday season,” Steve says. He points out that some analysts predict that market penetration may increase to 15-18% by the end of the year.

Smart Speaker

With the trend toward radio and audio consumption through smart devices, it’s apparent the way forward for broadcasters is to develop new ways to connect audiences to their content.

Got Skills?
You’ve probably heard the term skills thrown about when smart speakers are discussed. So what exactly are skills? And how do they relate to broadcast audio consumption via smart speakers? Steve explains. “Think of smart speakers as computers… They don’t know what to do until you teach it. In this case, Amazon refers to the learning aspect of the device as a skill. We develop skills and invocations for the stations we work with.”

As an example, Sonic Ai built a skill for WMMR in Philadelphia called ‘Open MMR.’ The listener hears a greeting from the morning show, then is offered a menu of choices. Listeners can choose to listen to the live stream, the latest podcast of the morning show, or the show’s top feature, called ‘The Bizarre Files’—an 8-12 minute piece of audio you can listen to without sitting through the entire morning show. Steve says WMMR has seen significant traction from listeners who missed the segment on the morning show tuning in to listen at a time convenient to them.

For a top-performing morning show, this is huge; for the first time, there’s a retention strategy, with the ability to repurpose and reuse audio. Additionally, in PPM markets, listening to content within 24 hours of the original broadcast is accretive to a station’s ratings.

Steve points out that when it comes to a radio station’s invocations and skills, getting it right is essential. Depending on the name or phrase used to identify a station, the invocation might not provide the audio stream you’re looking for. Steve cites the phrase ‘Lite FM’ as an example. “If you say ‘Play Lite FM’ as your invocation, you’re going to get Lite FM in Beirut, Lebanon, or an Inspirational station in Albany, NY. So you need to get your name and invocation correct, and register it.”

Steve suggests however that if stations are only doing this for streaming purposes, that’s not enough. “The real opportunity is with on-demand audio, which is what we’re focused on.”

The capabilities of smart speakers are constantly being enhanced, and they’re used for a variety of tasks, but audio is by far the top option. That’s the good news, Steve says, but the challenge for broadcasters is that that audio is coming from a variety of sources. “The linear AM/FM notion is going away, but the notion that broadcasters create relevant content is not, so they need to be more flexible about where content is being consumed, less focused on the transmitter, and more focused on devices that can play audio.”

It’s a new challenge, but with booming sales of smart speakers and potential for a measurable increase in listeners, it’s a challenge broadcasters need to embrace. Steve sums it up. “Broadcasters need to get out of the radio business and into the audio business. That will change your thinking about everything.” For the Silo, Dave Sarkies/Telos Alliance.

For more about the impact of smart speakers on the broadcast industry, check out TWiRT 372 – Tom Vernon on Smart Speakers 


11% Of Male Black Friday Shoppers Will Pull Items Out Of Hands Of Others

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a cultural phenom. One that American and (in the past few years) hard-boiled Canadian consumers look forward to each year. They brave the crowds, set out a savings mission plan and shop like a thrifty gladiator entering the battle arena of value.


While images of people camped out in Walmart parking lots dominates the Black Friday news cycle (as well as trampling and fights), we wanted to find out how people really intend to spend these consumer holidays-and more importantly, how much they intend to spend. We also looked at Holiday Gift searches from last year on our sister site-interestingly, there’s apparently a big market for discontinued perfumes.


* Men are much more open to violence on Black Friday: One out of 10 guys (11%) would pull something out of the hands of another shopper.

* 86% of Generation Y intends to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts on items for themselves.

* Men are the most generous: 26% of guys plan to spend at least $1,000 on holiday gifts.

* Very few people are procrastinating: While 4% claim they’re already finished with their holiday shopping, 41% intends to complete it on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

* 43% will wait up to an hour on Black Friday; 24 people said they’d willingly camp out for MULTIPLE NIGHTS.

* Bosses and co-workers are at the bottom of everyone’s shopping list: Children, understandably rule (followed by spouses/significant others).

The following info-graphic is based on responses from 6,354 online shoppers who were surveyed immediately after checking out.  For more take a look at our friends at Tada, they are awesomely obsessed with reporting on all the things that online shoppers value.  For the Silo, shopzilla.com/Jarrod Barker.

Silo Black Friday Cyber Monday

5 Disruptive Luxury Travel Trends Shattering The Status Quo

With the global luxury market collectively growing at 4 percent to an estimated $1.15USD (€1.08) trillion in 2016, according to a recent “Bain & Company Luxury Study,” coupled with optimistic forecasts that the luxury goods market will pick up this year, the hospitality industry is gearing up for elevated demand among both leisure and business travelers. This amid evidence that, despite widespread geopolitical uncertainties, luxury consumers are redirecting their spending toward new and more personalized high-end experiences like luxury travel, food and wine.

“The luxury market has reached a maturation point,” said Claudia D’Arpizio, lead author of the study. “Brands can no longer rely on low-hanging fruit. Instead, they really need to implement differentiating strategies to succeed going forward. We are already starting to see clear polarization when it comes to performance with winners and losers emerging across product categories and segments.”

D’Arpizio also underscored that personal luxury market brands that “take an omni-channel, customer-centric approach will rise to the top.” Such is the prevailing wisdom for both the B2C and B2B luxury travel sector, specifically, with personalized experiences, quality of service and private booking options serving as primary distinguishing factors for luxe brand positioning throughout 2017 and beyond.

Here how these key drivers will converge with evolving luxury travel trends to greatly influence various vertical sectors—and, in doing so, the marketplace at large—in the months ahead:

1. Small group cultural immersions loom large.
Group Courtesy TheLuxeList.com.jpgTravelers are increasingly seeking exclusive and regionally-authentic itineraries that cater to small groups. Tour companies like Fort Washington, Pennsylvania-based Gate 1 Travel are capitalizing on this trend with offerings that provide the convenience of an escorted tour with the intimate view of local cultures that large groups just can’t provide. “Our small group tours option has seen, by far, the most significant increase in booking volume–up 50% in 2016,” the company reports.

A City Lodge Hotel Group report concurs that the trend of being “connoisseurs of local culture” will boom this year. It emphasizes that indigenous tourism experiences and cultural immersion will remain a big factor whether traveling within your own home country or jaunting to faraway lands. “We’ll see more people wanting to visit more than the big landmarks and monuments of their destination,” it says. “Rather people are more likely to be interested in knowing about the locals–those that call that place home. Trips to the rural communities will become popular, and travelers are likely to be more interested in private guides that teach them about the traditional ways of life.”

2. Private villa travel surpassing leading luxe resorts.
Today’s breed of private villa rentals have become the ultimate in luxury travel lodging for vacationers and business travelers, alike. This is due to the vast array of benefits and creature comforts it proffers for couples, families and small groups. While maximized privacy and security, uber-tailored guest service and 5-star accommodations and amenities are chief reasons the trend toward private villa lodging is exploding, an elite few have offerings far beyond that don’t just rival, but far exceed, those offered by high-end resorts, including their elite Penthouse suit options.

Courtesy Casa Dos Cisnes.jpgAccording to luxury travel agent Sandy Webb who books elite vacations all over the world “private villa residences offering first class, one-of-a-kind services are ushering in an entirely new era of bespoke hospitality around the globe. They are, in fact, single handedly setting a new and decidedly elevated standard for luxe travel worldwide.”

One private villa exemplifying this new standard is Casa Dos Cisnes–Puerto Vallarta’s foremost premier private oceanfront villa vacation experience. This  10,000 square foot Casa Dos Cisnes property, a five-bedroom colonial style home with breathtaking views of the Pacific that can accommodate up to 10 adults, goes well over-and-above to ensure each guest’s needs, desires, hopes and expectations for an extraordinary private villa vacation are fulfilled.

According to owner Cathryn Arnell, this includes proffering a bevy of premium benefits, including an authentic and stylishly-appointed residential setting, custom-prepared gourmet meals from an on-site private chef, 24/7 bilingual butler service and multiple staff, monitored security, housecleaning services, private infinity-edge ocean view pool, fully equipped state-of-the-art gym, large media-entertainment room, concierge and spa service, musicians for hire, sports and boating excursions, VIP treatment at the city’s leading beach club and most renowned restaurants, and more. “Given that guests enjoy complete privacy and security in the most exclusive area in Puerto Vallarta, commandeering the entire 10,000 square foot space with all of the relaxation, solitude and discretion that affords, the result is a one-of-a-kind holiday providing an unparalleled culinary and luxury living experience.”

3. Higher caliber private jet jaunts.
Jet Courtesy TheLuxeList.com.jpgAccording to Sergey Petrossov, founder and CEO of JetSmarter—an industry-leading private jet company based in Dubai, people are increasingly growing accustomed to personalized experiences, so much so, that it isn’t a demand anymore; it is now an expectation that needs to be met.

In order for brands to be memorable, they need to remember their customers and offer unique customized experiences. For its part, this JetSmarter achieves by placing a heavy emphasis on member relationships, with each assigned a relationship manager who is responsible for creating personalized and customizable private travel experiences.

JetSmarter also cites that there’s a very thin line between high-end and luxury, with the difference barely noticeable. “The travel industry is inundated with both high-end and luxury brands, however the distinction is relatively minor,” Petrossov said. “People often confuse high-end brands for luxury ones. Luxury brands essentially need to heighten their levels of service to be able to distinguish themselves from their high-end counterparts.”

4. Next-gen travel tech eases and expedites.
Smartphone Courtesy TheLuxeList.com.jpgArtificial Intelligence (AI) is another tech trend that will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. According to Advito’s 2017 Industry Forecast, AI has already enabled a range of apps, bots and software that makes it easier for industry purveyors to interact with travelers at every step of a trip to expedite, ease and enhance. AI automates computer processes to work in the same way as the human brain. Natural language processing (NLP) helps computers understand human speech or typing, and AI then applies machine learning to provide a useful response.

Advito reveals that the travel industry is “well-positioned to embrace AI,” and also that the wider travel industry is adopting AI as, for example, KLM passengers are now able to use Facebook Messenger to confirm bookings, get boarding passes and flight status updates. “AI is still in its infancy, but it is in our immediate future,” the report asserts. “As it develops, it will help simplify complex travel decisions, shorten the buying process and deliver a more personalized offering.”

5. Game changing smart suitcases solve perennial problems.

Courtesy Diego Cespedes.Bluesmart.jpgTravel is tough enough in the best of circumstances and is all-too-often replete with challenges. From crowded freeways, overbooked flights, Wi-Fi downtime and generally not having necessary items at hand, getting from point A to point B can be fraught with more than its fair share of frustrations.  Not surprisingly, technologists have responded with problem-solving gadgets and gear that exemplify tremendous innovation and ingenuity both in concept and execution. One glowing example of this is the Bluesmart Suitcase. Billed as “the world’s first smart suitcase,” this carry-on keeps traveler’s belongings tracked, devices charged, bag secure and trips hassle-free thanks to integrated technology that syncs to an associated mobile app that’s compatible with both iPhone and Android.

The suitcase features a built-in battery/charger with 2 USB ports. The substantial 10.000 mAh battery can charge your phone up to six times, juicing up this and any other USB-connectable device from the USB port on the back or the inside. The bag also boasts a 3G+GPS tracker with global coverage to track the suitcase anywhere in the world; a scale built right into the handle that interfaces with the app to tell you the approximate weight of your suitcase; and a remote digital lock that can be set up to lock itself when you step away and to unlock when you return. The TSA- approved smart lock provides distance alerts, notifying you if you leave it behind. Of course, the bag needs to carry you belongings, so the main compartment does provide large space for clothes, shoes, and coats, while a secondary TSA-friendly compartment is able to accommodate up to a 15″ laptop.

Despite the fact that luxury sales fell flat in 2016 as consumers shunned traditional products, it’s experiences—namely travel and entertainment—that are predicted to drive sector sales growth up ahead.  “There is a progressive shift from physical products to experiences, especially in the last year,” Federica Levato, partner at Bain & Company and co-author of the study, told Reuters, predicting that trend would continue. With the world economy poised to regain momentum this year and the penchant among wealthy consumers to spend on travel and gourmet food and wine rather than clothes and accessories, the future is bright for high-end hospitality. For the Silo, Merilee Kern.

MAIN-RT-LO-Tight-2.jpgAbout the author: Branding, business and entrepreneurship success pundit, Merilee Kern, MBA, is an influential media voice and lauded communications strategist. As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List International News Syndicate,” she’s a revered consumer product trends expert and travel industry voice of authority who spotlights noteworthy marketplace change makers, movers and shakers. Merilee may be reached online at www.TheLuxeList.com. Follow her on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/LuxeListEditor and Facebook here: www.Facebook.com/TheLuxeList.






Spotlight image- centraljetcharter.com

Ontario Building About 500 Electric Vehicle EV Charging Stations- Here’s Where

Ontario is building almost 500 electric vehicle EV charging stations at over 250 convenient locations across the province to help reduce greenhouse gas pollution and fight climate change.

The province is working with 24 public- and private-sector partners to create an unprecedented network of public charging electric vehicle stations in cities, along highways, at workplaces and at various public places across Ontario. This includes over 200 Level 3 and nearly 300 Level 2 charging stations. The entire network will be in service by March 31, 2017.

The province’s $20-million investment under Ontario’s Green Investment Fund will expand charging infrastructure across the province and will help address “range anxiety,” a common concern of consumers regarding the distance electric vehicles can travel compared to traditional vehicles. Building a more robust network of public chargers across Ontario allows electric vehicle owners to plan longer trips knowing that charging stations are as readily available as gas stations. With the new network of stations, electric vehicle drivers will be able to travel confidently from Windsor to Ottawa or from Toronto to North Bay and within and around major urban centres.

The $325-million Green Investment Fund, an initial investment in Ontario’s new five-year Climate Change Action Plan, is already strengthening the economy, creating good jobs and driving innovation while fighting climate change — a strong signal of what Ontarians can expect from the plan and proceeds from the province’s cap and trade program. These investments will help secure a healthy, clean and prosperous low-carbon future and transform the way we live, move, work and adapt to our environment while ensuring strong, sustainable communities.

Investing in climate action is part of the government’s economic plan to build Ontario up and deliver on its number-one priority to grow the economy and create jobs. The four-part plan includes helping more people get and create the jobs of the future by expanding access to high-quality college and university education. The plan is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and transit in Ontario’s history and is investing in a low-carbon economy driven by innovative, high-growth, export-oriented businesses. The plan is also helping working Ontarians achieve a more secure retirement.


“By investing in charging infrastructure that is fast, reliable and affordable, we are encouraging more Ontarians to purchase electric vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas pollution and keeping our air clean.”

— Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation

“Transportation is one of the single biggest contributors to climate change. Supporting more charging stations across the province will help to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by making it more convenient for drivers of electric vehicles to get around.”

— Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change



  • An interactive map of the EVCO network of stations will be easily accessible on

Ontario 511. Station location data will also be posted on Ontario’s Open Data Catalogue to allow software developers and other interested parties to use the data in their mobile application or digital product development.

  • Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is providing people and businesses with tools and incentives to accelerate the use of clean technology that exists today.
  • A shift to low- and zero-emission vehicles is vital to the fight against climate change and achieving Ontario’s greenhouse gas pollution reduction target of 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Green Investment Fund projects include: more electric vehicle charging stations; energy retrofits for single-family homes and affordable housing; support for Indigenous communities, industry and small and medium-sized businesses, and helping local organizations fight climate change.
  • Greenhouse gases from cars account for more emissions than those from industries such as iron, steel, cement, and chemicals combined.
  • There are nearly 7,000 electric vehicles currently on the road in Ontario.
  • Over 200 applications to the Electric Vehicle Charger Ontario program were received between Dec. 21, 2015 and Feb. 12, 2016, totalling more than $165 million in grant requests.




Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

Ontario 511 Climate Change Action Plan

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations




Ministry of Transportation


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

July 13, 2016


The province is investing nearly $20 million from Ontario’s Green Investment Fund to build almost 500 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at over 250 locations in Ontario by March 31, 2017.


City/Town Number of Chargers Location of Chargers
Central Region Level 2: 223

Level 3: 84

Barrie Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 446 Bayfield St.
Beamsville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 5005 Ontario St.
Beaverton Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 84 Beaverton Ave.
Bolton Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Albion Bolton Community Centre – 150 Queen St. South
Bradford Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 440 Holland St. West
Brampton Level 2: 6

Level 3: 0

Soccer Centre Recreation Facility – 1495 Sandalwood Pkwy. East

Heart Lake Conservation Area – 10818 Heart Lake Rd.

Claireville Conservation Area – 8180 Hwy 50

Burlington Level 2: 1

Level 3: 2

IKEA – 1065 Plains Rd. East

Appleby Crossing – 2435 Appleby Line

Caledon Level 2: 3

Level 3: 1

Albion Hills Conservation Area Chalet – 16500 Regional Rd.

Albion Hills Conservation Area Beach Parking – 16500 Regional Rd.

Glen Haffy Conservation Area – 19245 Airport Rd.

Margaret Dunn Library – 20 Snelcrest Dr.

Collingwood Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 285 First St.

Tim Horton’s – 4 High St.

Elmvale Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 68 Yonge St. South
Fort Erie Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 325 Garrison Rd.

Tim Horton’s – 1167 Garrison Rd.

Goodwood Level 2: 1

Level 3: 0

Claremont Field Centre – 4290 Westney Rd. North
Hamilton Level 2: 1

Level 3: 2

Centre on Barton – 1275 Barton St. East

Tim Horton’s – 1470 ON-6

Tim Horton’s – 473 Concession St.

Keswick Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Glenwoods Centre – 443 The Queensway South
Markham Level 2: 10

Level 3: 2

123 Commerce Valley Dr. West

125 Commerce Valley Dr. West

50 Minthorn Blvd.

140 Allstate Pkwy.

Armadale Crossing – 7690-7770 Markham Rd.

80 Allstate Parkway

Midhurst Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Simcoe County Museum – 1151 Highway 26
Midland Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 16815 ON-12
Milton Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Campbellville Country Court Plaza – 35 Crawford Cres.
Mississauga Level 2: 58

Level 3: 20

80 Courtneypark Dr.

5800 Explorer Dr.

Meadowvale Corporate Centre – 6880 Financial Dr.

5750 Explorer Dr.

2085 Hurontario St.

4701/4715 Tahoe Blvd.

Indian Line Campground – 7625 Finch Ave. West

Pearson International Airport – 6301 Silver Dart Dr.

Pearson International Airport – 8 Network Rd.

Pearson International Airport – 3111 Convair Dr.

Hilton Mississauga – 6750 Mississusauga Rd.

2630 Skymark Ave.

Novo-nordisk – 2680 Skymark Ave.

Airway Centre – 5935 Airport Rd.

30 Eglinton Ave. West

Newmarket Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 1100 Davic Dr.
Niagara Falls Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 8089 Portage Rd.
Oakville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

Tim Horton’s – 228 Wyecroft Rd.
Orangeville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 23 Broadway Ave.
Orillia Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 320 Memorial Ave.

Tim Horton’s – 25 Colborne St. East

Oshawa Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

Best Western Oshawa – 559 Bloor St. West
Pickering Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Petticoat Creek Conservation Area – 1100 Whites Rd.
Richmond Hill Level 2: 9

Level 3: 0

30 Leek Cres.

38 Leek Cres.

95 Mural St.

1725 16th Ave.

Swan Lake Centre – 1229 Bethesda Sideroad

St Catharines Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 170 4th Ave. South
Stayner Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Clearview Joint Emergency Services Operations Centre – 6993 ON-26
Stouffville Level 2: 1

Level 3: 0

Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area – 3291 Stouffville Rd.
Toronto Level 2: 121

Level 3: 25

IKEA Etobicoke – 1475 The Queensway

IKEA North York – 15 Provost Dr.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre – 30 The Queensway

Royal Bank Plaza – 200 Bay St.

University Centre – 383 University Ave.

5775 Yonge St.

Lucliff Place – 700 Bay St.

York Mills Centre – 4325 Yonge St.

MaRS Centre – 661 University Ave.

Yorkville Village – 87 Avenue Rd.

Madison Centre – 4950 Yonge St.

Citibank – 123 Front St.

110 Yonge St.

525 University Ave.

175 Bloor St.

Metro Centre – 200 Wellington St.

Airport Marriott – 901 Dixon Rd.

Maple Leaf Square – 15 York St.

Air Canada Centre – 50 Bay St.

Air Miles Tower – 438 University Ave.

720 Bay St.

655 Bay St.

5001 Yonge St.

Adelaide Place – 181 University Ave.

2075 Kennedy Rd.

Dynamic Funds Tower – 1 Adelaide St. East

Atria – 2235 Sheppard Ave. East

30 Adelaide St. East

Commerce West – 401 and 405 The West Mall

SNC-Lavalin – 304 The East Mall

Burnhamthorpe Square – 10-20 Four Seasons Place

Morneau Shepall – 895 Don Mills Rd.

145 King St. West

150 King St. West

Sun Life Centre – 200 King St. West

Manulife Centre – 55 Bloor St. West

Bloor Islington Place – 3250 Bloor St. West

33 Bloor St. West

Scotiabank Plaza – 40 King St. West

115 Gordon Baker Rd.

Foresters – 789 Don Mills Rd.

277 Wellington St. West

Glen Rouge Conservation Area – 7450 Kingston Rd.

Milliken Crossing – 5631 – 5671 Steeles Ave. East

Black Creek Pioneer Village – 1000 Murray Ross Parkway

Humber River Hospital – 1235 Wilson Ave.

Tottenham Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Tottenham Mall – 55 Queen St. South
Vaughan Level 2: 4

Level 3: 3

TRCA Head Office – 101 Exchange Ave.

Joint Operations Centre – 2800 Rutherford Rd.

IKEA – 200 Interchange Way

Vineland Station Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 3335 North Service Rd.
Washago Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Washago Carpool Lot – HWY 11/169
Whitby Level 2: 1

Level 3: 0

Taunton Gardens – 320 Taunton Rd. East
Woodbridge Level 2: 3

Level 3: 0

Boyd Conservation Area – 8739 Islington Ave.

Kortright Centre – 9550 Pine Valley Dr.

East Region Level 2: 17

Level 3: 49

Arnprior Level 2: 0

Level 3: 3

Tim Horton’s – 201 Madawaska Blvd.

Metro/Food Basics – 375 Daniel St. South

McDonald’s – 16 Baskin Dr. West

Bancroft Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 234 Hastings St. North
Barrhaven Level 2: 2

Level 3: 0

Ottawa Park and Ride – 3347 Fallowfield Rd.
Belleville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 218 Bell Blvd.
Brockville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 2454 Parkdale Ave.

Tim Horton’s – 77 William St.

Campbellford Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 148 Grand Rd.
Carleton Place Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 144 Franktown Rd.
Casselman Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Metro/Food Basics – 21 Richer Close
Cornwall Level 2: 0

Level 3: 3

Tim Horton’s – 81 Tollgate Rd. West

McDonald’s – 1301 Brookdale Ave.

St. Hubert – 705 Brookdale Ave.

Deep River Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 33235 Hwy 17
Embrun Level 2: 2

Level 3: 0

Embrun Arena – 8 Blais St.
Fenelon Falls Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 23 Lindsay St.
Gloucester Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

St. Hubert – 2484 Boulevard St. Joseph
Hawkesbury Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

St. Hubert – 456 County Rd. 17

Tim Horton’s – 418 Main St. East

Johnstown Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Gas Bar – 2618 CR-2
Kanata Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Ottawa Park and Ride – 130 Earl Grey Dr.
Kemptville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

TSC Stores – 2966 County Rd. 43
Kingston Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 681 Princess St.
Lindsay Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

Lindsay Recreation Complex – 133 Adelaide St. South

Tim Horton’s – 85 Mt Hope St.

Madoc Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 14118 Hwy 62

Tim Horton’s – 14121 ON-7

Manotick Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 989 River Rd.
Napanee Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 478 Centre St. North
Nepean Level 2: 2

Level 3: 0

Ben Franklin Place – 101 Centrepointe Dr.
Newcastle Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 361 King Ave. East
Ottawa Level 2: 3

Level 3: 8

McDonald’s – 670 Bronson Ave.

City of Ottawa Fire Administration Building – 1445 Carling Ave.

St. Hubert – 4010 Riverside Dr.

Ottawa Public Parking Lot – 687 Somerset

IKEA – 2685 Iris St.

Pembroke Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 805 Pembroke St. East

Tim Horton’s – 11 Robinson Ln.

Perth Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 35 Dufferin St.
Peterborough Level 2: 7

Level 3: 4

Tim Horton’s – 1527 Water St.

Lansdowne Place Mall –  645 Lansdowne St.

Norwood Town Hall – 2357 County Rd. 45

King Street Parking Garage –  200 King St.

Memorial Centre Arena – 151 Lansdowne St. West

Riverview Park Zoo – 1230 Water St.

Downtown Lakefield Public Parking – 39 Queen St.

Picton Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Downtown Picton Public Parking – 55 King St.
Port Hope Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 175 Rose Glen Rd. North
Port Perry Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 14500 Simcoe St.
Rockland Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

Metro/Food Basics – 9071 County Rd. 17

Tim Horton’s – 2875 Laporte St.

Northeast Region Level 2: 1

Level 3: 24

Azilda Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 514 Notre Dame St. East
Burk’s Falls Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 27 Commercial Dr.
Elliot Lake Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 269 King’s Hwy 108

Tim Horton’s – 261 ON-108

Espanola Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 701 Centre St.
Gravenhurst Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 1105 Bethuine Dr.

Tim Horton’s – 150 Talisman Dr.

Huntsville Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 44 ON-60
Kapuskasing Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 240 Government Rd.

Tim Horton’s – 8 Government Rd. East

Kirkland Lake Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 155 Government Rd. West

Tim Horton’s – 175 Government Rd. West

New Liskeard Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 883350 Hwy 65 West

Tim Horton’s – 883307 ON-65

North Bay Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 999 McKeown Ave.

Tim Horton’s – 114 Drury St.

Parry Sound Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 118 Bowes St.
Port Severn Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Jag’s Petro Canada – 41 Lone Pine Rd.
Sault Ste. Marie Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 673 Trunk Rd.

Tim Horton’s – 223 Second Line West

Sudbury Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 914 Newgate Ave.
South Porcupine Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 4556 ON-101
Timmins Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 520-522 Algonquin Blvd. East
Wawa Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 92 Mission Rd.
Northwest Region Level 2: 0

Level 3: 7

Dryden Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 520 Government St.

Tim Horton’s – 655 Government St.

Fort Frances Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 831 Kings Highway

Tim Horton’s – 525 Hwy 11 West

Kenora Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 900 Highway 17 East
Thunder Bay Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 770 Memorial Ave.

Tim Horton’s – 121 East Ave.

West Region Level 2: 33

Level 3: 47

Amherstburg Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

The Libro Centre –  3295 Meloche Rd.
Arthur Level 2: 1

Level 3: 2

Arthur Library and Medical Centre – 110 Charles St. East

Arthur Sports Complex –  158 Domville St.

Brantford Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 73 King George Rd.

Tim Horton’s – 1290 Colborne St. East

Cambridge Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 416 Hespeler Rd.
Cayuga Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 51 Talbot St.
Chatham Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 710 Richmond St.

Tim Horton’s – 33 3rd St.

Clifford Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Clifford Community Complex – 2 Brown St. South
Clinton Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 300 Ontario St.
Drumbo Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Mister Steak Highway Travel Plaza – 80667 Oxford Rd. 29
Essex Level 2: 0

Level 3: 4

Essex Centre Sports Complex –  60 Fairview Ave. West

Colechester Harbour –  100 Jackson St.

Exeter Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

153 Main St. North
Goderich Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 354 Bayfield Rd.
Guelph Level 2: 1

Level 3: 3

Social Services Building – 138 Wyndham St. North

Puslinch Library – 29 Brock Rd. South

N Hanlon Park Mall – 218 Silvercreek Pkwy.

Hanover Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

McDonald’s – 800 10th St.

Tim Horton’s – 639 10th St.

Harriston Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 182 Elora St.
Ingersoll Level 2: 2

Level 3: 1

Downtown Ingersoll Public Parking – 16 King St.
Innisfil Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 940 Innisfil Beach Rd.
Kitchener Level 2: 8

Level 3: 0

50 Queen St. North

55 King St. West

Leamington Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 214 Talbot St.
London Level 2: 6

Level 3: 1

Wellington Commons – 1210 Wellington Rd. South

Tim Horton’s – 146 Clarke Rd.

City Centre – 380 Wellington St.

Meaford Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 291 Sykes St. South
Mount Forest Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Mount Forest Sports Complex – 850 Princess St.
Owen Sound Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 1015 10th St. West
Port Colborne Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 429 Main St. West
Port Dover Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 1 St Andrew St.
Port Elgin Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 278 Goderich St.
Sarnia Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 1399 Colborne Rd.
Simcoe Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 77 Queensway East
Southampton Level 2: 1

Level 3: 0

Saugeen First Nation Gas Bar – 43 Cameron Dr.
Stratford Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 1040 Ontario St.
Strathroy Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 269 Caradoc St. South
Tillsonburg Level 2: 0

Level 3: 2

Tim Horton’s – 401 Simcoe St.
Wallaceburg Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 848 Dufferin Ave.
Wasaga Beach Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

McDonald’s – 1275 Mosley St.
Waterloo Level 2: 7

Level 3: 0

Northland Business Centre – 60 Northland Rd.

Waterloo Corporate Campus – 180 Northfield Dr. West / 595 Parkside Dr.

Welland Level 2: 1

Level 3: 1

Fitch Street Plaza – 200 Fitch St
Wiarton Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 445 Berford St.
Windsor Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 80 Park St. East
Wingham Level 2: 0

Level 3: 1

Tim Horton’s – 33 Josephine St.
Woodstock Level 2: 2

Level 3: 1

Quality Inn – 580 Bruin Blvd.


Some of the above noted locations may be subject to change prior to March 31, 2017.


Level 2 charging stations use a 240 volt system (similar to a clothes dryer plug) and can fully charge a vehicle from zero per cent charge in about four to six hours.


Level 3 charging stations (also known as Direct Current Fast Chargers or DCFC) use a 480 volt system and can charge a vehicle to 80 per cent in about 30 minutes.  These stations allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles about eight times faster than Level 2 charging stations, and permit them to travel further than ever before.

VisaNet Connects Two And A Half Billion Credit Cards

One of the many ways the Internet is driving the global economy is through digital payments, making it easy for consumers to buy just about anything from anywhere. VisaNet is the largest payment processing network in the world, connecting 2.4 billion credit cards at 36 million locations across 200 countries.

Vacate The Seatback SKY2BUY Is The New ‘Mall in the Sky’

Scott Jordan
Scott Jordan

After a difficult bankruptcy auction process, the purchase of SkyMall’s brand name was announced last Friday, March 27th. The new owners paid $1.9 million for the well-known brand. The purchase price, however, didn’t include any assurances from the airlines that the catalog will be put on their planes. In fact, all prior agreements with the airlines are void. One fact is clear: SkyMall no longer has a monopoly to sell in the skies. Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of multi-pocket clothing company, SCOTTeVEST, has been both a supporter of getting SkyMall back onto planes and a critic of the mismanagement that landed SkyMall into bankruptcy in the first place. Jordan was the most vocal during the auction process and many assumed he would be the winning bidder for SkyMall.

He explains why he let the SkyMall name go to another party: “At the most basic level, there are two things required to make SkyMall work: a catalog and placement of that catalog on airplanes. Producing a catalog is easy. The only way to get a catalog onto airplanes is with the cooperation of the airlines. SkyMall allowed every airline contract to lapse and, despite my best efforts, we were unable to come to terms with the airlines before the bankruptcy auction,” Jordan explains. “By losing the agreements with the airlines, SkyMall’s previous management team lost their monopoly on in-flight shopping. Since I didn’t like their business model, I chose not to submit a bid. I didn’t believe that the name alone was worth it.”

Sky 2 Buy

About six weeks ago when SkyMall declared bankruptcy, Jordan was quick to jump to the forefront of the public discussion with a series of widely read articles on LinkedIn and many press mentions, including an appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell. Due diligence quickly uncovered that all of SkyMall’s contracts with airlines – the foundation of the entire business- had lapsed. Jordan insists that the concept of in-flight shopping is still valuable — if and when a brand can get back on airplanes. And, that is exactly what he hopes to do.

Introducing SKY2BUY: Your New Mall in the Sky, Inspired by Duty Free Shops Jordan’s new new venture is SKY2BUY. It will be in planes in test markets in the U.S. in June or July of this year and plans to become the go-to source for in-flight shopping. Jordan’s emphasis is on creating a high-end travel magazine with shopping opportunities instead of a kitsch-filled catalog. Brands that cater to travelers — like Jordan’s own SCOTTeVEST — will be featured. In addition to shopping, SKY2BUY will include editorial content of interest to travelers. Rather than developing a stand-alone publication, Jordan’s SKY2BUY will be a special advertising section in airline magazines that are already onboard every flight. The model is simple: reward travelers with massive discounts (just like a Duty Free Shop) based on shopping while traveling. Fliers already flip through in-flight magazines and SKY2BUY will provide added incentives to reach into the seatback pocket. Cooperating with in-flight magazines is a sound cost-saving measure. Whereas SkyMall paid over $350K annually to each airline just for fuel surcharges, SKY2BUY will be integrated into the print materials already found on board. This efficiency both reduces the amount of print materials on each flight and makes SKY2BUY’s discounting model possible. This is just one example of cost-cutting to be implemented by SKY2BUY intended to pass savings to the consumer and profits to the airlines.

What to Expect from SKY2BUY Shoppers will always be able to make purchases from SKY2BUY, but only travelers are eligible for the discounts. One is considered a SKY2BUY traveler when (s)he is in an airport, on an airplane or has arrived at his or her destination within the past 24 hours. This is verified electronically by geo-tagged locations or by entering a flight confirmation number. A traveler’s boarding pass acts as a ticket to savings. This unique, location-based model rewards travelers who shop during/immediately after travel. SKY2BUY’s discounting concept is similar to a duty-free shop. A shopper can buy the same goods elsewhere, but it is only while traveling that the discounts are available. SkyMall cited the increased use of electronic devices in-flight as a reason for decreased interest in their catalog. SKY2BUY will address this challenge by offering tech-savvy fliers free in-flight apps to encourage immediate purchases, as well as partnerships with in-flight wi-fi providers to provide free wi-fi for purchases made on SKY2BUY. As a former SkyMall advertiser, Jordan’s company SCOTTeVEST was frustrated by the amount of time from when a customer placed an order and when SCOTTeVEST received the order from SkyMall so they could fulfill it. SKY2BUY’s customers will purchase directly from advertisers. By removing the middle-man, advertisers will receive order information in real time, thus enabling them to provide a better customer experience. In some cases, orders will be available upon landing at the shopper’s destination. The elimination of the middle-man will not only make things faster, it will also remove an unnecessary layer of costs. “Realize that you forgot a tie for that big meeting? Turn to SKY2BUY. Left your sunscreen at home? There’s an outdoor excursion kit waiting for you at your destination,” explains Jordan.

The Content SKY2BUY will dial up the entertainment aspect that made SkyMall enjoyable by embracing creative content and making it more than just a catalog. Because all travelers are going from one location to another, there is a shared experience. SKY2BUY plans to build on that experience, offering gadgets and travel aids… not alien butler statues or dragon bookends. Travel should be enjoyable and SKY2BUY’s product selection will be curated to combat in-flight boredom and encourage shopping by providing items that are relevant to travelers. The focus on travel-related items and purchasing directly from advertisers should take care of the low conversion rates that contributed to the demise of SkyMall. Focusing on conversion rates comes naturally to Jordan after years running the highly successful, ecommerce company SCOTTeVEST. He understands the importance of creating content the resonates with customers. A small sampling of planned sections in SKY2BUY’s initial 16-page spreads include:

  • Travel gear and Luggage
  • Gadgets
  • Food and Drink
  • Fashion
  • Auto-Related Items

Just as most airline magazines are updated monthly, SKY2BUY will be refreshed on the same schedule, ensuring that readers always have something new to peruse – and buy – while in transit.

Sky 2 Buy

The App While most customer’s first experience with SKY2BUY will be in print form, SKY2BUY is developing a sophisticated, user-friendly app. It will be available as a free download prior to take-off (without having to pay for wifi). Travelers can then shop while they are in the air. Purchases will automatically sync upon landing, with no need to pay for in-flight wireless.

The Editorial “Content and commerce are inextricably bound together,” explains Jim Louderback, the former editor of PC Magazine who has been tapped to lead SKY2BUY’s content efforts. “Entertaining product curation creates stories as compelling as those on Netflix or in the movie theater. By combining great storytelling with great product curation we’ll be building a cure for boredom AND an experience you’ll want to share over and over again.”

SKY2BUY is Cleared for Take-off Jordan hasn’t revealed which airline magazines will include SKY2BUY, but confirms that he has three major U.S. and multiple international airlines in active conversations. The airlines have been very open to Jordan’s model because of the likelihood of profitability from day one. A June launch is SKY2BUY’s goal, to coincide with the summer travel season. On a parting note, Jordan said, “This summer, fly with SKY2BUY: your new mall in the sky.” Full SKY2BUY details may be found at www.SKY2BUY.com.

Supplemental- United Arab Emirates “Super Jumbo” A380

The amazing Boeing 787 Dreamliner

FCC Promoted American Broadband Competition And Net Neutrality

In late 2014- early 2015, the FCC stood up for more competition and more choice in local broadband. This is a critical step in making faster, cheaper Internet available for all Americans.

You may have heard that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just put in place rules to protect ‘net neutrality.’ That’s big news. But there was another important decision today to help keep the Internet competitive and open — and while it’s getting less attention, it may be just as important. As part of its agenda to encourage meaningful competition in high speed broadband for Americans, the FCC supported allowing cities to make their own decisions about investing in new broadband networks. More needs to be done to drive innovation in bigger, faster broadband, but this was a good step.
Canadian ISP client

While the FCC’s net neutrality rules can help prevent Internet access providers from relegating some applications to a “slow lane,” this move alone won’t lead to a world where every consumer has an ultra fast connection to the entire Internet. That’s going to take more competition and innovation in new broadband networks.

It’s been nearly five years since we offered to build a fiber-optic network in one U.S. city as an experiment — and as we’ve expanded Google Fiber into a business, we’ve seen firsthand how faster speeds can improve lives and give cities new platforms for economic development. Google is not the only one innovating in this area. Along with investments by other private providers, cities like Lafayette, LA and Chattanooga, TN have been investing in their own networks and developing public-private partnerships to that end.

The FCC decided that it’s important for users to be able to control their own Internet connections and for communities to make their own choices to suit their local needs for broadband. While it may not make sense for most governments to operate broadband networks themselves, we think faster, better broadband for all Americans is too important to remove an option for deployment.

Thank Chairman Wheeler and the FCC for supporting local choice and competition in broadband networks: https://takeaction.withgoogle.com/thank-the-fcc     For the Silo, Derek Slater Google Inc.

P.S. If you want to learn more about the ingenuity of cities supporting broadband investment and competition, check out Next Century Cities.

Supplemental- Test if your Internet Service Provider is “throttling down” your internet connection speed. (requires Java plug-in installed)

How competitive is the Canadian Residential Broadband Market?  ( Essay from 2009- has anything improved since?)


Live in the Future: Weiser’s ‘Smart Lock’ and app turns smartphones into home key

It won't be long before "Open Sesame" does the trick ;) CP
It won’t be long before “Open Sesame” does the trick 😉 CP

TORONTO -WeiserR, a leading brand of the Hardware & Home Improvement (HHI) division of Spectrum Brands Holdings (NYSE:SPB), answers consumer demand for both convenience and security with its Kevo smart lock.

The highly anticipated Bluetooth enabled deadbolt is now arriving at home improvement and electronics retailers across Canada. By simply installing Kevo and downloading the mobile app, your iPhone becomes your key. Convenient and versatile, Kevo gives owners the ability to unlock the door with their smartphone and a simple touch; send electronic keys (eKeys) to family, friends and service people; and receive notifications whenever a user enters or exits their door.

“Kevo is not just another lock, it represents a shift in lifestyle for busy homeowners. Whether keeping track of your teenage daughter, granting temporary access to a housecleaner or monitoring your front door activity while on vacation, Kevo redefines the meaning of smart, simple security,” said Mark Wallace, Senior Group Marketing Manager of Spectrum Brands – Hardware & Home Improvement. 

A Total Key Management Solution
Using the Kevo mobile app, homeowners can send eKeys to family, friends or service people, anywhere, anytime. Once an eKey is sent, recipients can simply download the mobile app, if they don’t already have it installed, keep their iPhone in their purse or pocket and unlock the door with a simple touch. With several levels of permissions, Kevo Owners and Administrators have authorization to send, delete and disable eKeys within seconds. After distributing eKeys, they can choose to receive notifications when a user locks or unlocks the door, for convenient home security management. Homeowners agree, eKeys are the answer to every-day challenges in key (and home security) management:

“Using Kevo is like living in the future. My new smart lock, and therefore my home, now magically recognizes me by touch. Being able to issue (and revoke) virtual keys to family members or service providers is priceless. Install was a breeze, even for a guy like me who’s never replaced a deadbolt, and only required a single screwdriver.” – David Zatz, blogger at “Zatz Not Funny”.

“I have two dogs that I walk and two children, ages four and two. I am always carrying the kids, groceries, my bags from work; holding the dog’s leashes, etc.,” said Kathy Z. of “3 Boys and a Dog” blog. “This device is invaluable to me because instead of fumbling for keys (that I inevitably drop), I can simply touch my lock with one finger and gain access to my home. I always have my phone on me, either in my pant pocket or in my purse, and I can just leave it in there, touch my Kevo and I am in. The convenience factor is huge!”

Weiser’s Kevo mobile app includes a simple interface that delivers much more than eKey management. After setting up a Kevo account, owners can customize and control everything through their app, including:

.         Managing eKeys and settings associated with each given lock;

.         Receiving notifications when a user enters or exits the door;

.         Monitoring lock activity and tracking user history;

.         Updating Kevo lock software directly from a smartphone;

.         Instant access to Kevo’s Help Center; and

.         Kevo web portal offers the same management features as the app via a browser.


Kevo combines UniKey Technologies, Inc.’s (UniKey) secure touch-to-open technology and Weiser’s 110 years of experience engineering and manufacturing residential door locks. This combination of expertise translates to unmatched convenience and security features that include:

.         Inside-outside technology – Kevo offers patent-pending intelligent positioning technology that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.

.         Touch-to-open convenience – Users can keep their phones in their pocket or purse. No more fumbling for keys, simply touch the lock to open for the ultimate in convenience.

.         Kevo fob – No smartphone? No problem. Users can enjoy the same touch to open convenience with the fob. A single fob can be authorized to work with up to 25 Kevo locks.

.         Multiple levels of encryption – Kevo uses multiple levels of encryption to increase digital security and is continually reviewed by industry leading independent security experts.

.         SmartKeyR technology – Weiser’s patented SmartKey re-key technology provides superior security and re-key convenience unlike any other smart lock on the market.

“History has shown that extremely powerful solutions that deliver a simple and elegant user experience are what evolve industries. Combining forces with Weiser, we are able to deliver a complete, mass market product that will truly revolutionize the way we gain access to our homes,” said Phil Dumas, founder, UniKey.

Compatability, Pricing and Availability
Kevo is compatible with smartphones that support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and have the Kevo mobile app available. The app is currently available for iPhoneR 4S, 5, 5c and 5s, as well as the fifth generation iPodR touch, third generation or higher iPadR and iPad mini. The app will become available for additional platforms such as Android, pending software upgrades, to fully support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Homeowners can purchase their Kevo deadbolt for the suggested price of $249.99 at a wide range of retailers nationwide. For additional information on what is included in the Kevo package and a list of on-line retailers, please email marketingdirector@thesilo.ca .