Amazing Fan Series Star Trek Continues Wraps Up With Florida Supercon Screening

The cast and crew of STAR TREK CONTINUES finished principal photography on our series a few months ago, and we are working at warp speed to put all of the finishing touches on Episodes 9, 10, and 11 – which will complete our salute to The Original Series.

And while we are all sad to see STAR TREK CONTINUES come to a close, we have committed to our supporters that these last three chapters in our story will be finished and released this year. That means three more upcoming premieres of the continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

Episode Nine is in sound design and will have a debut screening at the end of July at Florida Supercon in Ft Lauderdale. We’re so honored to announce some very familiar names in guest starring roles for Episode 9, including John de Lancie and Anne Lockhart.

Of course, John needs no introduction. His character will be among the first to appear on our Planet Set (constructed with support from our crowdfunding campaign).

Anne Lockhart may be best known to science fiction fans for her role as “Sheba” on the original Battlestar Galactica, but she has also been in hundreds of other productions and commercials – including a recurring role in Chicago Fire on NBC. (And, of course, her Mom was June Lockhart, the matriarch of Lost in Space!)

John de Lancie, Chuck Huber (McCoy) and I will each be guests at Florida Supercon. So we hope you might plan a trip to Fort Lauderdale to enjoy the world premiere screening of “What Ships Are For,” at the end of July. Details about the screening will be on the Supercon website.

Finally, our remaining episodes constitute an exciting two-part story that will not only finish out our series, but bring an exciting and satisfying conclusion to the original five year mission of the Enterprise. Episode Ten is set to premiere at Salt Lake Comic Con (the weekend of September 21) and Episode Eleven will have its debut screening at New York Comic Con October 6.

Keep this comm channel open for more info about our final installments. And again, thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm and support for this “love letter to Star Trek”.
John De Lancie Beaming In To STAR TREK CONTINUES
With Episode 9, STAR TREK CONTINUES adds another feather to its cap — versatile actor, comedian, singer, director, and producer John de Lancie. Well-known to fans for his strong Trek background, de Lancie met STAR TREK CONTINUES founder Vic Mignogna on the convention circuit, and Mignogna offered him a role in the production.

“Vic asked me if I’d be interested in appearing in STAR TREK CONTINUES, and he told me a little bit about the show. I asked him to let me read the script, and I was immediately impressed with it. It’s definitely classic STAR TREK, because it’s a secular moral story and one that I think is particularly poignant in our current times. I believe the material is the most important thing, and this is really good material.” Episode 9 is penned by Kipleigh Brown, who appears as Lt. Smith in the series.

De Lancie says he’s “also very sympathetic to people who put together their own projects. I know how much work it is. And in this case, Vic has his hands in every element of the production. It was an easy choice to say yes because I knew I could be somewhat helpful in a modest sort of way. And I knew I would be acting in an interesting story.”

Strange New Worlds

De Lancie said he didn’t really have any preconceptions about STAR TREK CONTINUES, since he had not seen any of the series’ episodes.

“I have to say legitimately that I was really impressed,” once he joined the production crew on set in southern Georgia. “There is a lot of attention to detail, and a lot of love went in to all of this.”

He said that he was surprised and “got chills” as he walked the halls of the Enterprise.

“I had the feeling that I was on a historic set, even if it is a facsimile of the original. These were the identical colors to what was used in the 1960’s, when they were trying to sell color TVs. And the other thing that struck me is that these sets have a certain 1960’s look, from the gadgets to the crew quarters. This had the same look of all the shows that I used to watch as a kid.”

Growing up in the 1950’s, de Lancie said that he didn’t watch that much television, and in fact his parents had taken the TV away. “I had a real problem with reading, so my parents just took the TV out of the house.” De Lancie’s escape was Saturday afternoon science fiction movies at the theater.

For Episode 9, de Lancie is careful not to reveal any plot details when describing his character, except to say that there are elements of the character that are revealed as the story unfolds.

“He is a character not unlike many of us. He has recognizable human traits and deep-seated prejudices.”

De Lancie came prepared for his role, just as he is for any acting assignment, and spoke his first lines on the Planet Set that had just been dressed into a lush forest environment.

Convention Capers

A frequent guest at conventions throughout the world, de Lancie had just returned from FedCon in Germany when he spoke to STAR TREK CONTINUES.

“I really do enjoy meeting the fans at the conventions. I enjoy being up on stage and answering the questions. And I enjoy having drinks later with the actors. But what is becoming wearisome is the travel – especially if you go overseas. It takes your body about three days to adjust to a new time zone, and then the event is over and you’re heading back the other way.”

Travel has certainly been on his agenda of late for another reason, since the entire de Lancie family recently returned from a big journey.

“My wife was in Burma, teaching. So I went with her. Then we went to Vietnam, and then our kids joined us in Japan and the whole family took a boat trip. I was back for a couple of days, did a convention in Phoenix, and then it was off to Bonn, Germany,” for FedCon.

Ponies, Dragons, and Video Games

The busy actor has another fan base, far different from those who appreciate his Trek credentials. For the past six years, de Lancie has been the voice of a dragon named Discord on the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

“Yes, there are conventions for My Little Pony. But it’s a very different fan base. I like particularly talking with the little kids. They have a hard time imagining that they’re looking at someone their grandfather’s age who plays a mischievous dragon. It’s also an unusual fan base, in the adult world. I did a documentary about that. I like the show very much, because it also has a sort of secular morality attached to it. You don’t need to have a religious text to be the source of a moral lesson. There are a lot of unusual people involved with My Little Pony. I talk to a lot of people in the military who just like looking at something bright, happy, and upbeat,” de Lancie says.

In addition to the My Little Pony TV series, de Lancie has also voiced his character for a Pony video game. And he’s worked as a voice actor for games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2, and others.

“While I don’t play video games, I was asked a few years ago to do voices for one. I’ve watched my kids over the years play a lot of games. I’m a big history buff, so one thing I really liked about the game Assassin’s Creed was the fun way they went back in time with very detailed representations of Florence and Constantinople.

“I like the fact that doing video games keeps me current in the minds of people who are 20 years old,” he adds.
Guest Star Anne Lockhart Comes Full Circle with STAR TREK CONTINUES
An actress and voiceover artist with literally hundreds of credits to her name, veteran performer Anne Lockhart will be a guest star in Episode 9, which will have a debut screening in late July.

Lockhart is best known to science fiction fans for her groundbreaking role as Sheba in the original Battlestar Galactica in 1978. Now her travels take her to another science fiction universe. An invitation to join the cast came from STAR TREK CONTINUES creator Vic Mignogna.

“I’ve known Vic for a couple of years. He called me one day and said that he had an idea to talk about regarding STAR TREK CONTINUES, which was a guest starring role in an upcoming episode. And I asked him what took him so long! It’s such an honor to be in an episode, because I’m a fan. I love the whole look and the concept of it. And the fact that I got asked to be part of that universe is amazing,” Lockhart says. “I was there before I’d even read the script!”

Lockhart loved working with fellow guest star John de Lancie on the episode, and it was actually the second time that both had worked together.

“We did the first two-hour episode of EMERGENCY, a long time ago. I don’t think he remembered being in that one with me. He played a doctor, and I was his patient – rescued from a burning building. I remembered him because he was so dear. Working with John is joyful. There are so many actors who just show up and do it in their sleep. But not him.”

Lockhart has built an impressive resume over several decades of TV, film, and commercial work. Her first series was Lassie in the late 1950’s, as a child actress. Years later, Glen Larson, the creator of Battlestar Galactica approached Lockhart about a role in proposed series.

“The role of Sheba was written for me. I knew Glen Larson because I had done episodes of the The Hardy Boys for him. He sent me the barebones pilot script for Battlestar Galactica. And basically it was about a bunch of guys and a girl who came in every few pages and said ‘don’t forget your laser gun.’ I turned it down,” Lockhart explains. She was recovering from a fire that had burned down her house and was living with her mom (TV actress June Lockhart) at the time.

“Glen said he could always rewrite the character, and the script went through several re-writes.” Lockhart loved the revised script and came aboard the Battlestar.

“Jane Seymour didn’t want to do a series. So they killed her character. The character of Sheba was so strong and so wonderful to play – and it was nothing like the original script. I ended up with a better character.”

Being in space was nothing new to the Lockhart family. Lockhart’s real mom played Maureen Robinson on Lost in Space, the mother to a family traveling the stars. Some days, Anne and her sister were dropped off at the 20th Century Fox lot to wait for their mom to finish her work and do homework in her dressing room.

“I remember one day there was a chunk of time when Billy Mumy (who played Will Robinson) had nothing to do. We just took off and wandered the Fox lot for two hours, exploring the sets of shows like Peyton Place. And then we finally wandered back. My mom was panicked. And so was Billy’s mom,” Lockhart laughs as she recalls the memory.

Currently, Lockhart stays busy with the recurring role of a dispatcher on Chicago Fire, a role that she has to reprise at the drop of a hat. “There are some times when they’ll call me over the weekend and say that I have to be in Los Angeles on Tuesday.”

She worked out the schedule to come to southern Georgia and the new planet set of STAR TREK CONTINUES for her role in Episode 9.

“We worked our tails off. Vic shot over twenty pages in three days. That’s just insane. But that shows how good he is. It shows how good the crew is. I was just so overwhelmed with the commitment and the people who were there volunteering their time, just out of love. It was really a wonderful experience.”

Like William Shatner, Anne Lockhart has a fancy for horses and has raised thousands of dollars of the years with rodeos benefitting autistic children. And she serves on the board of directors for the Thousand Oaks, California Kingsmen Shakespeare Company.

“It’s been several years since I’ve appeared on stage with Kingsmen. It was started by my friend Lane Davies, and literally it started with a dirt stage and two lights. Now it’s one of the premiere Shakespeare companies in the country. My children have grown up performing with me. It was so cool to go there, thrown down your blanket, and see Shakespeare presented in a very contemporary way. We did Julius Caesar, but set in a city like New York. It was like The Godfather. We did The Merry Wives of Windsor as if it was the swinging London scene of the 1960’s. It’s not just a bunch of people in togas,” says Lockhart.

While she has seen some rough cuts of the episode, Lockhart says she’s looking forward to the public release of Episode 9.

“This was kind of like a dream come true for me. Being part of the STAR TREK universe is something I’ve looked forward to doing. I adored STAR TREK. And Lost in Space, to be honest, kind of became a comic book. STAR TREK was always just my favorite.”

For the Silo, Vic Mignogna -Captain of STAR TREK CONTINUES

Fans Of 1960s TV Star Trek Should Be Aware of Star Trek Continues

When the next episode of STAR TREK CONTINUES is revealed, science fiction fans will see a familiar face in a guest star role.  The new episode, titled Still Treads the Shadow, features guest star Rekha Sharma, perhaps best known to science fiction fans for her role in more than 30 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.   While details of Sharma’s character in STAR TREK CONTINUES are being kept under wraps until April, she says the offer for a role came after meeting Vic “Kirk” Mignogna at FedCon Germany last year during the 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK event.

“Vic and I kept in touch after FedCon, and then he asked if I’d be interested in coming aboard STAR TREK CONTINUES.  He told me about a script that was in development and the character he had in mind.  I’m so delighted that it worked with my schedule,” Sharma says.   Sharma’s first introduction to the original STAR TREK series came from her big brother.   “All my friends were watching Full House or something.  I’m not sure! And there I was, coming home after school and watching the original STAR TREK and old Perry Mason reruns!  I remember my brother told me that there were people opening and closing the doors, which I thought it was so cool and cheesy. And it very much appealed to my dreams of utopia — especially as a young colored girl growing up in very white neighborhoods,” says Sharma.   Rekha’s character of Tory Foster in the rebooted Battlestar Galactica, which began in 2004, developed after several auditions.   “From the very first audition, I was immediately struck by the intelligence, artistry and kind-heartedness of the directors and producers. I thought, I’d really like to work with these people! First I went in for the role of a Viper pilot, then a captain, and then the role of Tory came along.  Oh yeah, I thought, this is a perfect part for me.” Galactica’s producers apparently agreed.   “Working on Battlestar Galactica was a dream come true.  From my previous experience, I honestly didn’t think I could be creatively satisfied working in TV. But Battlestar Galactica changed that. Not only was it creatively satisfying, but we also had such a great team of people.  We are all like family to this day,” Sharma explains

 star trek continues bridge

What does it mean to be a STAR TREK CONTINUES guest star?   “It means I have fulfilled a dream, in a way, and that I’ve come full circle. I loved those stories. They had a wonderful morality and vision for humanity that made my heart sing. And then I got to step onto those sets and step into my childhood and be a part of telling that kind of story.   Not only that, but that world was so fun! I loved those neat-o futuristic gadgets when I was a kid. And now, as an adult, I got to play with them. I got to sit on the bridge.  There weren’t any trailers, so when I needed to rest between scenes, I took naps in sickbay on board the Enterprise.   And I got beamed in the transporter!  I can’t wait to see that,” she says enthusiastically.   The experience of working on the STAR TREK CONTINUES set “was so refreshing,” Sharma says.  “Everyone is there for love, not money. It felt like Battlestar Galactica that way. Although it’s a fan run project, the STAR TREK CONTINUES sets were surprisingly professional and very impressive. It was a mix of TV veterans and total newbies, and that made for an awesome atmosphere to work in. It was the best of both worlds, really.”   Sharma likes to compare the character she’s playing in Episode 8 to be much like aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.  “She is smart as a whip, very technically inclined, and brave. I thought of her as a bright light of goodness and intelligence with a big heart.”   She admits to being very surprised at what the cast and crew have created with STAR TREK CONTINUES.   “You know, Vic told me that I’d become part of the family, but I had no idea what he meant. They have chosen a team who are all friendly, diligent, thoughtful and good-hearted people. I felt so welcomed and incredibly lucky. It makes sense that they’re shooting in the south – they’re so hospitable!  And those sets! Again, Vic told me what they built, but until you’re there you just can’t conceive of it. It’s really impressive. I know I’m not the only one who was moved to tears,” Sharma says.   Fans will be able to see Rekha Sharma at future conventions and events.   “It’s funny. At first it felt so strange to do conventions, but as time has gone on I’ve really come to appreciate them.  It’s special to have the opportunity to meet the fans and discuss the themes of these shows. You get to connect with people that you’d never get to meet otherwise. And sci-fi fans are awesome because, generally speaking, they still have dreams. They’re not jaded. They believe in possibility. And without that, nothing would ever change for the better. We’ve got to hold on to our dreams and keep being warriors in this world – to truly go where no man has gone before.”   “Still Treads the Shadow” will premiere at Fan Expo Dallas on April 1 at the Dallas Convention Center.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about remaining episodes of STAR TREK CONTINUES 

How are you getting around the guidelines for fan films?   As CBS/Paramount has made clear, the guidelines are not laws; they are general parameters applied on a case-by-case basis. Since the implementation of the guidelines, we have stopped all crowdfunding activities and have focused strictly on completing the four episodes which had already been funded as of that time by fans’ donations to our 501(c)(3) non-profit. STAR TREK CONTINUES has always followed any and all instructions given to us by CBS regarding our production, and will continue to do so.   Does STAR TREK CONTINUES have any type of special and/or official arrangement with CBS/Paramount?   No.

How long are the episodes?   They will be exactly the same format as our previous episodes   Why are you ending the series?   Recent developments necessitated our finishing up sooner than we intended, but it was always our goal to bring The Original Series to a conclusion. With our final four episodes, we will have done that. It’s been an amazing five years creating this series, and we will miss making it.  But all good things… Weren’t you going to make 13 episodes? Did CBS make you stop?   CBS is not responsible for the decision to end the series. We are doing 11 episodes instead of 13 because another fan group took advantage of the good graces of the copyright holders forcing them to protect their property and the interests of their license holders. In deference and gratitude to CBS, we are wrapping up earlier than planned. We always have stood, and continue to stand, with CBS.   Can we get DVDs/Blu-ray discs of the final episodes?   As we do not own STAR TREK, we cannot sell DVDs or Blu-ray discs. In the past, we’ve made a limited number of discs available as crowdfunding perks. However, since we are no longer crowdfunding, providing episodes to the public on DVD and/or Blu-ray discs is not currently feasible for us.   What will happen to the studio/sets? Will set visits/tours be available?   We don’t have a definitive answer on this right now, but we’re considering all our options.

Impressive Fan Series ‘Star Trek Continues’ Is Shockingly True To Original Series

Ahead At Warp Speed

The finishing touches are now being applied to the sixth episode produced by the fans behind Star Trek Continues, and we look forward to a debut screening in May at MegaCon in Orlando.  This week, we’re  launching another crowdfunding campaign to produce more episodes, which will bring to 10 the number of episodes in our web series.  Support us here:   Episode VI — “Come Not Between the Dragons” — is an action-packed, dramatic story that deals with deeply personal issues. It guest stars Gigi Edgley of Farscape fame. And Episode VII — featuring the return of Erin Gray and other surprise guest stars — will, with the help of this campaign, be released in the fall.

Vic Mignogna as Kirk.
Vic Mignogna as Kirk.

Between free viewings on Vimeo and YouTube, our five finished episodes have had more than four million views!  And we’re pleased to be recognized with nearly a dozen accolades and awards, and even recognition from The Wall Street Journal, which calls Star Trek Continues “the flagship of the fan film fleet.”   First and foremost, Star Trek Continues respectfully and graciously thanks CBS, the holder of the copyright to Star Trek. CBS’ understanding of the passion fans have for Star Trek is second-to-none, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to pay tribute with our fan-based non-profit web series.

We are in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, CBS or Paramount Pictures. This latest campaign is already off to a strong start.  And it’s the third time we’ve appealed for support in this way.  Late in 2013, our first effort raised enough money to produce episodes 2,3, and 4.  Last January, we launched a second crowdfunding campaign to continue our journey and produce two more episodes and build the enormous Engineering set.  And that’s precisely what we did.     STC’s track record speaks for itself. As deeply committed stewards of our precious fans’ donations, we do what we promise we will do. So many of our previous donors tell us they can’t wait to support us again.  One needs only watch an episode to see these generous donations at work.   We seek no return other than the joy of paying tribute to TOS — both in the creation of these episodes, and in the privilege of sharing them with beloved fans.  All money raised goes to hard costs related to the development, filming, and post-production of these stories, such as:

  • Set construction, maintenance and materials
  • Studio rental and maintenance
  • Monthly utilities costs
  • Equipment rental
  • Prop production and replication
  • Wardrobe production and maintenance
  • Make-up equipment and supplies
  • Cast and crew travel, lodging, and food during the shoots
  • Post-production costs, hard drives, online data storage, etc.
  • Fundraising costs.

So if you believe in what we’re doing and you’d like to help, now is the time to donate to keep a good thing going.And we’ve got an exciting array of perks for contributors – including a selection of screen-used costumes.

StarTrek Continues Instagram   Find STC on Instagram!   We are very pleased to announce that now you can follow Star Trek Continues on Instagram!     We will be posting never before seen production stills, behind the scenes photos, crew features, concept art from our designers, and more! You can find us there @trekcontinues, and also on Tumblr at stcontinues. Thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm. Please continue to follow, like, share, and tell your friends!

Trek Prop Fans Relish a Visit to Stage Nine   One of the ingredients that makes Star Trek Continues look authentic is attention to detail, and in particular the sets and props designed to look like they came from the soundstages in the 1960’s.   The production relies on the skills of dedicated propmakers and fans who donate use of their treasures for our episodes.  In December, prop collectors got a chance to tour the Enterprise – including the new Engineering Room – during a private visit to Stage Nine in southern Georgia.

Enterprise Engine Room StarTrek staff artist Karl Tate came down from New York.  His reaction to walking standing sets was typical.   “I’ve been aboard the USS Enterprise. That’s all I can say. When you’re walking down that corridor, and the stage lights are lit, and all you see is Enterprise…I’m there,” Tate says.  “It’s truly an achievement and I look forward to what Star Trek Continues comes up with next!”   The one-day event was filled with special presentations on prop-making, and an opportunity for prop fans to show off their collections and hand-made treasures.

“Many of us have bucket lists, things we want to complete or do in this lifetime. I’ve had such a list since I was a kid. One of the items on my list, one I never thought possible, was to go back in time and see the Star Trek sets at Desilu Studios. Impossible, right? Well, after visiting the Star Trek Continues sets I was able to cross one more item off my bucket list,” explains Larry Chalkey from Virginia.  “As I walked the corridors of the Enterprise, I imagined what it must have been like to be there in 1966. What it must have felt like to make the show we all love. This was truly an amazing experience and one I will always treasure.” By Vic Mignogna for The Silo.

Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Claims UFOs Are Here

Recently, I spoke with Paul Hellyer the former Canadian minister of defense, who stated he believes UFOs are from another planet and that the U.S. Government has kept it covered up. As Canadian Minister of National Defense in 1963, Hellyer was responsible for integrating and unifying the Royal Canadian army, navy and air force into a single organization, the Canadian Armed Forces. He is outspoken about UFOs visiting Earth and the US Banking System that he feels is greatly responsible for the present economic hard times. He feels we are naive and fail to understand we are being visited by alien life forms. He told me he had spoken with key US government officials who confirmed aliens are visiting us and providing advanced technology.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel Hellyer BookHis book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species” reveals that humans are hell bent for extinction unless we change our attitudes and actions with an urgency appropriate to an impending disaster. Paul Hellyer suggests that we have about ten years to wean ourselves from the oil economy and profoundly regrets that the Copenhagen Conference reflected little progress in that direction.

The whole atmosphere was one that reminded him of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. World leaders simply have to do better! The book outlines the three monumental changes required to accommodate the miracle. First, the book claims that exotic energy sources already exist. They have been developed by the U.S. “shadow government” at the massive underground “black operation” installations in Nevada and Arizona using technology borrowed from visitors from other planets. Yet they remain secret for the alleged benefit of the privileged few. Second, the money has to be found to subsidize poor nations and facilitate major changes. This can be accomplished by a fundamental re-working of the monetary and banking system. Bank leverages must be dramatically reduced and the percentage of virtual money they create as debt strictly limited so that governments can gain the financial flexibility to finance the transition to sustainability. Finally, it will be necessary for all countries, races, faiths and colors to drop their antagonisms and work together in common purpose to save the heritage they have in common.

When Hellyer was Canada’s Minister of National Defense he stated, “I got periodic reports on sightings and I looked at them very casually, and it was decided that about 80 percent of them were natural phenomena of one sort or another, and the other 20 percent roughly were unexplained, and therefore unidentified. While spending last Thanksgiving north of Toronto, Hellyer and his wife spotted an UFO. “The two of us stood there transfixed for 20 minutes, looking up at this thing moving first in one direction, and then another. By process of elimination, we determined it wasn’t a star or satellite and it wasn’t the space station, so there was really no explanation for it other than it was, in fact, a UFO.”

Don't laugh- new forms of technology sometimes begin in Science Fiction.
Don’t laugh- new forms of technology sometimes begin in Science Fiction.

“It looked like a star, but it maneuvered in a way that stars do not. I must admit that when I saw this one, I wondered whether it was extraterrestrial or American. And I guess the thought that occurred to me was that if it is American, then they have learned some pretty big secrets about acceleration, because it accelerated at a pace that nothing I’ve ever known about that was built here is capable of.”   Posted for entertainment purposes from George Filer- Filer’s Files #46, with thanks to Lee Spiegel AOL News. Join MUFON.

Supplemental- renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking warns about the danger of Extra-terrestrials.

CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”

Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

CNBC’s half-hour primetime series “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” premiered Tuesday, June 10th at 10PM & hour episodes began airing each Tuesday for four consecutive weeks.

Reported by CNBC’s Robert Frank and featuring New York City super broker Dolly Lenz, “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” unlocks the mansion gates and gives you rare access to a world inhabited by the wealthiest people on the planet. Here’s a sneak peek courtesy of The Silo:

Dolly Lenz
Dolly Lenz

In the first episode, we met a man who’s taken his lifelong Lamborghini obsession from land to water. Also, “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” gets a rare invite on a luxury safari where there’s no shortage of wild life, or champagne. And, an exclusive look inside a Star Trek mega-mansion that may have you wondering if it’s actually the Starship Enterprise (video: also see Star Trek Home Theater profiled here at the Silo:


Dover Cheese Shop

“Beam me up!” $35,000,000 USD Star Trek themed Home Theater for sale

'Star Trek Mansion,' Featuring Acoustic Innovations' Most Celebrated Home Theater Design, Now on Market for $35M Featuring Award-Winning Theater Modeled on Bridge of Starship Enterprise, Home is Most Expensive Ever to Hit Boca Raton Market. Photograph: Andy Frame
‘Star Trek Mansion,’ Featuring Acoustic Innovations’ Most Celebrated Home Theater Design, Now on Market for $35M Featuring Award-Winning Theater Modeled on Bridge of Starship Enterprise, Home is Most Expensive Ever to Hit Boca Raton Market. Photograph: Andy Frame

BOCA RATON, Fla.– May 2014 — The “Star Trek Mansion” in Boca Raton, Florida, is now on the market for a cool $35 million, featuring a much-buzzed-about home theater designed by Acoustic Innovations. Created to model the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise, the theater is the focal point of the 27,000-square-foot home owned by Marc Bell, managing partner of Marc Bell Capital Partners LLC in Boca Raton. Last year, Acoustic Innovations designed a smaller theater in the home to resemble a military encampment, creating the mood for game enthusiasts to play “Call of Duty” and other Xbox games.

“Acoustic Innovations and Jay Miller did a fantastic job of taking our Star Trek theater vision and turning it into reality. If you can dream it, Jay can build it,” said Bell. “Acoustic Innovations’ attention to detail for every aspect of the project — from the advanced A/V technology to the quality and comfort of the chairs — meant that we were able to create a home theater experience that exceeds anything you’ll find in  a commercial movie theater. We’re looking forward to working with Jay and his team on the Star Trek theater and home 2.0, wherever that may

Classic THX Ultra2 Plus -Digitally Mastered -Avatar Intro (After Credits) –

Winner of a Gold award and Best Architecture award from the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) in 2007, the
1,400-square-foot Star Trek entertainment space includes the theater, a bar, and a “ready room” filled with Bell’s collection of props, models,
and drawings from the Star Trek television series, as well as Star Trek and Star Wars movies. Modeled to recreate the bridge from the Enterprise, circa “Star Trek: Next Generation,” the theater even includes motion-activated air-lock doors that “whoosh” when opening and closing.

When the theater was originally completed in 2007, it featured the most advanced high-definition cinema A/V system available. Since then it has undergone three major technology upgrades to keep it on the leading edge, including 3D projection capabilities. In addition to the functional and aesthetic design and d-cor, Acoustic Innovations designed the acoustics both inside and outside the theater, as well as for the “Call of Duty” video game room.

The "Call of Duty" video game room. Get some!
The “Call of Duty” video game room. Get some!

“It’s incredibly exciting to work with Marc on a project, because he is always open to an interesting idea,” said Jay Miller, president, Acoustic Innovations. “A collaborative effort is extremely important on every job we do, and for this project Marc and I clicked very early on how to execute the Star Trek bridge. Now that the house is up for sale, it’s amazing and gratifying to see how the theater has gone viral in the online press; in fact, I’ve not seen anything like it in my 23 years as a specialty theater designer.”

For more on this incredible home that has grabbed international attention, visit:
The Palm Beach Post:
-Star Trek:
-Business Insider:
-Douglas Elliman Real Estate:

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Understanding the internet meme

What’s in a meme? “A rose by any other meme should smell so sweet.” Okay so that last sentence isn’t exactly Shakespeare. But it is a ‘sorta- kinda’ textual equivalent of what we are about to discover is known as an internet meme.

My first time discovering a meme was pretty cool and it’s vividly burned into my memory. I was researching historical poster design (how geeky am I?) for a story I was writing and I came across an image database showing examples of the classic “I want you” military recruitment poster. Some of you might better know these posters as the “Uncle Sam” poster. Anyway,  that database included user modified images and the effect was dumfounding. My brain wasn’t quite sure what to think. It was as if, someone had brought in a silver covered serving dish and plate that smelled like broiled steak, but when I removed the cover and geared myself up for a nice juicy  New Yorker, all I could see was a couple of poached eggs. And that’s the effect my first meme experience had on my brain: confusion mixed with confliction mixed with contemplation and dare I admit it- mixed with excitement?

Making sense of all these feelings from a seemingly simple image.  Because cultural icons have permeated our psyche since we were born and because these icons have a powerful, emotive effect I believe it’s elementary pavlovian conditioning. For example,  if I say “imagine in your mind, a set of golden arches on a busy road”. It’s a safe bet that some of you will subconsciously think about McDonald’s and might even find yourself hitting the drive-thru later today or tonight.

Back to the meme. So i’m proposing that the internet meme is a modified cultural icon with a customized text message that uses the emotive effect of  already established cultural icons to ‘mess with my our heads’.  Is it more simple than that? Can it be boiled down to simply being a new form of stanza or user-created mind graffiti?

Meme’s can be mean. Or funny. Or sad. Or anything. They’re like a greeting card gone haywire.

Create your own meme. Juxtapose your thoughts onto a cultural icon and create a meme. Send it to us. Email to There aren’t any winners or greatest meme awards- we want your help to help us figure these damned things out. Why are they so captivating?

A few examples. Here’s one we put together in Februrary 2011:

What i’ve done here is appropriated the pop cultural ‘meaning’ and ’emotion’ stirred up subconsciously from growing up in an age of Star Trek. Ricardo Montalban reprised his 1960’s television role of the villain Khan in the 1980’s movie Star Trek Wrath of Khan. That movie essentially is about Khan seeking revenge on Captain Kirk. Considering the rumours around William Shatner’s (Captain Kirk) hairpiece, I used the meme to suggest that Khan got his revenge by having nicer hair than Kirk. Obscure? Yes. But not THAT obscure if you are in the same generation as me. Your cultural subconscious should be able to process this meme. For a meme to be effective, the viewer must connect with and be familiar with the underlying visual image or textual message. You see it’s all about culture folks, and every generation has their own culture…except maybe the internet 2.0 generation, but then that’s another story…… CP

And here’s an interesting example: Stripes. Is it a poster or a pre-internet meme? Tough call.



Richard Dawkins coined the term/word “meme”for his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. I know this because my search engine told me so. ;>

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This is not a meme. Support Mental Health efforts.