New Fashion Via Global Electronic Commerce Platform AliExpress

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Based in Hangzou, China, AliExpress  is a global e-commerce platform made up of small business sellers offering a wide variety of consumer products worldwide. This growing platform already has (at the time of this writing) over 3 million likes on Facebook. An impressive number that speaks to the desirability of products on hand.

What makes AliExpress unique is the cellular nature of its structure. Many small businesses looking for a safe harbor are connected together and operate under the umbrella support of the larger corporate structure. Is this the ‘best of both worlds?’ We think it’s an interesting model and worth paying attention to. After all, a smaller company no longer has to struggle to develop an online identity or spend valuable resources designing and implementing a shopping ap. Yep- AliExpress has a pretty cool Ap that allows you to shop from Facebook and beyond…

Here’s a look at some of its Fashion small business sellers- Did you find something you like?

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