Funny Paradox Of Digital Life Is Design Parameter For New “Captcha” Clothing

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Print All Over Me is a creative community of people turning virtual ideas into real world objects. Every three months, we release a series of silhouettes like t-shirts, backpacks, jockstraps, etc. As a designer, you can upload your own artwork to each silhouette and then offer your design for sale. Even “captcha” designs like in our collab below with EXONEMO.

Every piece on PAOM is custom made. We print the fabric first and then cut and sew. We believe that by taking fashion slowly we can: a. offer high quality items; b. produce in an environmentally sustainable way; c. (and most importantly) offer our studio employees a living wage and health benefits.

Our office and collab studio is based in New York at New Inc. – the New Museum’s incubator. Our main production studio is outside Shanghai and we have a satellite studio in Georgia, outside Savannah.

Print All Over Me Captcha Designs by ExoNemo

Click me to design your own captcha – antibot wear.


Neilsen's signature look- a la 1970's 1980's

Neilsen’s signature look- a la 1970’s 1980’s

Was Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen an early captcha-clothing pioneer?


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