Emerging China Wine Market Impacts USA, Canada and Global Wine Markets

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It’s no secret that luxury brands have thrived in China in recent years amid a population increasingly oriented toward high-end consumer goods like fashion, jewelry and automobiles—and the elevated social status such items confer. Today, the Chinese population is immersed in a new love affair: with grape-based wine!  According to internationally-renowned sommelier, Noel Shu, China is about to be known producing quality wine bringing the region on par with other wine producing regions such as Napa Valley and Sonoma in California.
A self-made entrepreneur who serves as Managing Partner for ultra-luxe wine and spirits purveyor, Prodiguer Brands Shu recently launched his new book, China Through a Glass of Wine, to provide the most in-depth understanding of the wine marketplace to date and an extensive analysis of the modern Chinese wine industry, revealing a delicate interplay between commerce, the government and the consumer.
emerging-china-wine-market-book-cover-isbnInternational-renowned sommelier, Noel Shu, provides in-depth look at the modern Chinese wine industry and guides us through the misty vineyards and crowded wineries of China.
Following the tradition of great traveling sommeliers, his no-holds-barred journey through China’s emerging wine culture is part ethnography, travel guide, tasting guide, cross-cultural examination and snapshot of the Chinese wine trade and consumer culture at large.
China Through a Glass of Wine also includes insightful interviews with key industry movers and shakers, including China’s largest wine importer and distribution company as well as boutique and unique chateaus across the region, revealing what wine making in present-day China is really like.

Casual wine enthusiasts and travelers as well as serious collectors and globally-minded investors will appreciate the accurate portrayal of China “through a glass of wine.” For the Silo, Trina Kaye.

About the Author
Internationally-regarded sommelier Noel Shu, Managing Partner for the ultra-luxe, award-winning wine and spirits purveyor Prodiguer Brands, is a 24-year-old self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and author of the newly released title, “China Through a Glass of Wine.”  With impeccable panache and style, Shu, has already accomplished more than many do in an entire lifetime. He earned his undergraduate at West Point, completed the U.S. Army’s elite and grueling Combat Diver Qualification Course at the Special Forces Underwater Operations School (regarded by many Soldiers as the toughest military school to endure), and has personally designed and sold extraordinary multi-million dollar timepieces and necklaces to China’s elite through his ancillary, highly successful luxury jewelry business.  Always striving to for growth and self-improvement and with a reverence for continuing education, despite his busy schedule Shu is currently pursuing an Ivy League Master’s degree at Columbia University. As a globally-minded business practitioner, Shu understands commerce on both sides of the Pacific and brings that expertise to bear with his various ventures, including the highly anticipated upcoming release of “Regale”—an exclusive wine brand expressly developed for the Chinese marketplace, which will be exported to the region in early 2016.  For more information about Noel Shu, visit www.prodiguerbrands.com.


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