Strange Lights May Have Been UFO Over Southern Ontario

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At approximately 10:15 PM EDT on March 17th I witnessed a strange sight. While driving into Simcoe, Ontario  via Hillcrest Road, something low on the horizon caught my attention. At first I wondered if this was a planet but after I pulled the car over to the side of the road and focused harder, it became clear that this object was flashing through a whole spectrum of colours:  red, blue, yellow, white one at a time at a high rate. Strange lights?

Predicted Solar Storm Aura

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and skywatchers were made aware of the forecasted Solar Storm that brought Northern Lights much further south than normal. This was not the Northern Lights.

I wasn’t able to take any video because my camera phone would not zoom in to capture the object but I did manage to zoom in using the photo feature. Today I moved the photo’s onto my laptop and zoomed in further using a video editing program. I then re-opened those photo’s and used the desharp/enhance/deinterlace feature in gimp software to attempt a better look at what I saw. I am still surprised by the results- the colours that I saw vividly and clearly did not show up on the photographs and the photographs reveal what looks like a shape-shifting object!

I’ve been so intrigued by this I decided to return to sighting location so I could take a daytime photo of the sky/horizon where I had the sighting and I used my phone to get a compass reading on the direction of where the object was.

Daytime Sighting Location Compass Heading for Sighting

The first series of photo’s- shown below are the camera-zoomed in series and are unenhanced by software. The second series of  single photo’s are the software-zoomed in and enhanced versions of the first four photographs .  I’m hoping someone can offer up ideas on what I saw by commenting below or emailing The Silo (  *name with held by request*

Series 1

Unidentified Flying Object Simcoe OntarioSeries 2- Enhanced UFO image 1Enhanced Image 2Enhanced Image 3Enhanced Image 4


Supplemental- Severe Solar storm forecast predicts Northern Lights much further South than normal

Virtual visit: Hillcrest Road, Simcoe, ON


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  1. Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

    Everyone is Looking for UFOs in the Wrong Place

    According to website, Ufo fans looking at moving physical objects and flashing lights as eager proof of extra Terrestrial life are looking in the wrong place. UFOs are all over the place, all the time. You just need to know where to look.

    Radial Lines Sky Photo- contrail

    In the photograph above you will notice that the radial lines do not meet at the horizon by parallax like Contrails or Chemtrails. The focal point is about twenty degrees above the horizon. Clearly something else is going on.

    According to the website, you are looking at the presence of a fifth dimensional Radionnic Ship of Light, caught as a magnetic reflection in an area of ionized water vapour. As the website explains, the right place to look for a UFO is in the common ionnic cloud structures covering many parts of Earth at any given time. Starrgram 39 reveals that a vast fleet of the Radionnic ships sits in the Kuiper Belt outside the orbit of Pluto. At any given time thousands of the ships will be teleported into Earth’s lower ionic atmosphere at the fifth dimensional level.

    The presence of their magnetic fields in the fifth dimension sets up a third dimensional magnetic scalar reflection within Earth’s lower ionic cloud covers. The individual reflections are visible as a pattern of radial lines emanating from a center point above the horizon like the spokes of a wheel. The overall effect is that of a magnetic monopole sitting overhead. The magnetic monopole effect is the giveaway as magnetic monopoles are not possible in nature. gives a complete explanation, plus presents many easily recognized examples.

    Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
    50 (Main) Brant Avenue
    Brantford, Ontario
    Ph: +1-519-900-9320

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