Ask Ontario To Grow Greenbelt To Protect Vital Water Supplies

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Good news and not so good news. The Province has launched a consultation process on expanding the Greenbelt to protect critical water resources. Several hydrologically significant areas are included in the proposal, but vulnerable areas are missing.

Ontario Oak Ridge Greeenbelt Map

We need to get this right. Ask the Ontario government to expand their proposal and protect a “Bluebelt” of 1.5 million acres to ensure clean water supplies for future generations.

Over 1.25 million people in the region rely on groundwater for their drinking needs. And, our lakes and wetlands are home to numerous at-risk species of fish and wildlife. We urgently need features like moraines, wetlands and headwaters that filter and store water protected from development.

Oak Ridges Moraine Ontario

Oak Ridges Moraine Ontario, Canada

Photo credit: Shezamm

9 in 10 Ontarians support the Greenbelt’s protection of water, farmland and nature. You can be one of them.

Together we can grow the Greenbelt to protect our precious resources.

To learn more, you can read our latest blog.

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Susan Lloyd Swail
Livable Communities, Senior Manager

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