1966 Chevy C-20 Custom pickup

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REAL rural ride- 1966 Chevrolet C-20 Custom pick-up. Found in a wrecking yard in the Mojave Desert by the author

Lloyd’s 66 Chevy C-20 Custom is the epitome of the classic story of finding a sweet ride, a diamond in the rough. Just tucked away somewhere conspicuous collecting dust down south. I found this truck in a wrecking yard in the Mojave Desert being neglected for over 12 years. Imagine the looks on the guys faces that walked by this old truck in the yard if they could see what it turned into now. (funny enough, this is the same yard in which I found my own personal truck of the same body style over 15 years ago.)

In this video- another sweet ’66 with a vintage camper top to boot.

I went to California and worked on this truck for 3 weeks to get it running and road worthy before making the epic over 2500 mile trip back to WC Kustoms in Windham Centre. First thing was the engine. I took that dirty, tired, old 350 and swapped it out with a fresh Crane Cams build-up 60 over 350. I gave it a nice shiny new classic Chevy orange paint job and topped it off with everything chrome (edelbrock endurashine carb, high-rise intake, and Mr. Gasket chrome dress-up kit.) To make sure that you really know when it’s passing you, I added some Flo-tec headers and sold him a Magnaflow Stainless dual exhaust kit (the kit was installed by Queensway Garage in Simcoe.)

Look at that floor pan and pedal set-up, this “ain’t no promqueen’s truck”. You don’t have to worry about having clean boots before driving this baby.

For outside looks, this sweet 66 got a stock, two-tone custom, color scheme using two 2011 factory Chevrolet colors. A wicked combination of Metallic Blue and Silver to make this truck as colorful as the character that owns it. Inside it also received a blue, back-lit Equus tach and gauge set. In pure Lloyd style one of the first additions was blue street-glow lighting. Deleye’s in Simcoe also installed a chrome custom trim kit, painted grille and front bumper, and a rear roll pan bumper that looks really good. This truck is a vast contrast from the old farm trucks that many would attribute this body style to. You might catch this slick ride at Waterford pumpkin-fest or cruising all over Norfolk County.

If you’re a Grand Theft Auto (San Adreas) fan, you should consider changing up the default tow-truck with the ’66 Chevy C-20 pickup- how cool is that? Silo Direct Link to GTA C-20 truck and other downloads

Wouldn’t you just love to rumble down some country roads?

By Robb Price, owner of WC Kustoms in Windham Centre and regular automotive writer for The Silo. If you would like to have your sweet ride profiled or have a cool car story contact us contentproducer@thesilo.ca or Robb, WC Kustoms -519-410-8308 Read more classic rural rides of Haldimand-Norfolk by searching ‘rural rides’ from our webpage.


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