Visionect And Heckler Design Collab On JOAN Digital Office Displays

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November 2017—Phoenix, Arizona | Visionect, the maker of the award-winning JOAN meeting room scheduling solutions, has joined forces with Heckler Design, the creator of commercial-grade products for design-conscious consumers and businesses, to create a custom wall mount for JOAN. The powder-coated steel VESA bracket fixes the 6-inch JOAN digital office devices securely into place without distracting from their seamless look and feel for the perfect combination of quiet design and heightened safety.

JOAN from Visionect is a simple, easy-to-use device that helps organize and reserve meeting room spaces, displaying real-time meeting information outside of meeting rooms and eliminating confusion, meeting interruptions and double bookings.

JOAN Digital Office scheduling display


Previously, the cordless JOAN displays, ranging in size from 6 to 13 inches in diagonal, could be installed  with the Magnetic Mount adhesive strip located at the back of each device. This allowed for effortless installation on any surface, even glass, brick or steel, all without drilling or expensive wiring.

Furthering the high functionality and effortless design of the JOAN product line, Visionect has now teamed up with Heckler Design, the makers of commercial-grade products for design-conscious consumers and businesses, in order to create a wall mount for JOAN, offering an additional, more secure mounting option for the room booking solution.
Created by Visionect after a decade of market-leading expertise in building energy-efficient digital signs, JOAN was developed in close collaboration with its early users, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

The result of this customer-influenced approach is a device that features a battery life of up to 12 weeks and combines the elegance of electronic paper with an intuitive, quiet design that won the CES Innovation Award for eco-design as well as the Red Dot Design Award, the highest distinction for design quality.

JOAN digital office display mount bracket

Laser cut from powder-coated steel, the new JOAN Secure Wall Mount offers an additional installation option for the 6-inch JOAN Manager and JOAN Executive devices, fixing them safely into place and preventing unauthorised removal. The minimalistic wall mount is a custom-built anti-theft VESA bracket that can also be attached via a Double-Sided Adhesive Pad, and represents the perfect blend of quiet elegance and enhanced security.

The Secure Wall Mount continues the tradition of effortless JOAN installation and can be attached to all surfaces, easily.

Fixing the Mount on drywall is a matter of installing the drywall anchor screws, while installation on glass is enabled with the use of a Double-Sided Adhesive Pad that the Secure Wall Mount is adhered to. A special locking bracket then fixes JOAN into place and prevents anyone from detaching it.

“With JOAN, the Visionect team has created a desirable and elegant meeting room scheduling solution. We designed the JOAN Secure Wall Mount to reduce the temptation and likelihood of theft while carefully maintaining the beautiful aesthetics of the JOAN hardware,” commented Dean Heckler, CEO and Head Designer of Heckler Design. “We can’t wait to see how enterprise and institutions will benefit from this complete solution.”

About Visionect | Visionect is the world leader in deploying digital signs in environments impossible before, setting a new standard in versatile, energy-efficient displays. The result of a decade of market-leading expertise, Visionect technology is unparalleled in versatility, ultra-low power consumption, ease of installation and simplicity of use. The force behind the breakthrough Place & Play signage concept and the maker of the award-winning JOAN room scheduling solutions.|

About Heckler Design | Heckler Design, known for its renowned OneLessDesk and WindFall Stand, creates beautifully simple, commercial-grade products for design-conscious consumers and businesses. Heckler Design’s products currently include office furniture, desk accessories, secure iPad stands, and point-of-sale hardware. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., all of Heckler Design’s products are made in America. |

About JOAN | JOAN is a simple, easy-to-use device that helps organize and reserve meeting room space. It shows meeting information, the meetings coming up and eliminates meeting interruptions by clearly signalling the room is occupied and until when. It is a cost-effective meeting room solution which helps modern, busy workplaces be more productive. |

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