SCOTTeVEST Smart Clothing includes Radio-Frequency I.D. blocking pockets and more

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SCOTTeVEST (SeV) – an innovative clothing brand for men and women that lets you carry and use all of your gadgets and daily essentials. SeV’s functional fashion enables wearers to live, work and play in a more organized and hands-free way. With up to 42 cleverly designed pockets in a single garment, SeV apparel guarantees that you never have to worry  dropping a phone, losing track of personal items or lugging around an unwanted bulky bag again.

scottEvest1In addition to pockets, SCOTTeVEST clothing has tons of useful features, including the patented PAN (personal area network), RFID-blocking pockets, iPad pockets, clear-touch pockets, ID pockets, key holders, eyeglass chamois, Teflon fabric protector, no bulge pocket technology and much more.
Imagine Giorgio Armani and Bill Gates stranded on a desert island, and you’ll have a good idea of what SCOTTeVEST offers. SeV vests, coats, jackets, shirts and hoodies are the perfect gift for your marathon-training friend, a boss who is constantly traveling, on-the-go parents and grandparents or the outdoorsy significant other in your life. Scott Jordan CEO and Founder SCOTTeVEST

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