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Multi Aroma HiTech Room Diffuser 2Digital Habits presents Bouquet at Fuorisalone 2016, revolutionary IoT multi-aroma diffuser that blends physiology and olfactory scenarios. A new humanism of industrial projects: technological products become essential and sensitive, able to transform the perception of the environment in which they are placed.

Fuorisalone 2016, April 12th – 17th, Milano, SuperStudioPiù, Selected Objects

At Fuorisalone 2016 (April 12th-17th) following the main theme “White pages”, which refers to those metaphorical ‘white pages’ whereby the future world still needs to be written, Digital Habits presents new products that integrate physical and computing elements, shapes and sensitivity, to draw new atmospheres in the home.

Bouquet is the new product of the Digital Habits collection, which brings a new sensory dimension into the living experience: the sense of smell. This project is extremely innovative and investigates the relation between olfactory perception, physiology and psychology.

The body, made of blown glass, is divided in two compartments that contain two different aromas. This decision came after studies on the influence that smell can have on different human activities. With Bouquet it is possible to diffuse separately or simultaneously two different scent scenarios: e.g. relaxing, energizing and so on, according to personal preferences.

Thanks to the inner clock and a Mobile App, it’s also possible to schedule via Blutooth the aroma diffusion during the day to create, at the right time, welcoming situations. For example an activating aroma can help a prompt and energetic wake-up in the morning, while a relaxing aroma can create the right conditions to get asleep.

Bouquet has the following characteristics:

Multi-scent, to select the most fitting fragrance to the different moments of the day.

Smartphone App with bluetooth connectivity to manage and set one or more diffusers wirelessly.

Scenario Manager to automatically schedule an aroma diffusion according to the time of the day (wake-up, back-home, getting asleep), personal habits (concentration, relaxation) and the purpose of each room of the house (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen).

Do you have room for another smarthphone app? Sure you do!

Do you have room for another smarthphone app? Sure you do!

Presence, to detect the temporary or permanent presence of people in a room and clean the air or flavor it with a pleasant smell.

Custom Intensity, settings to manage the level of intensity of the fragrance depending on personal preference and room size.

Ecosystem, integration with the Digital Habits product range to create new experiences that blend elements of light, sound and scent and recreate situations such as a natural wake-up.

A colored and tunable white light controlled by the Mobile App, is also integrated in Bouquet to complete the sensory experience. Bouquet complements the collection of Digital Habits multi-sensory products such as Cromatica and OSound Light, which transform the perception of the space in which they are placed creating new domestic atmospheres.

At the Fuorisalone 2016, Digital Habits will also presents:

a new version of Osound Light which combines a Bluetooth speaker and a disc of light that creates unexpected atmospheres and gradients.

Dragon, fractal led lamp that grows in the space thanks to the aggregation of smart modules. Dragon is now presented in new table and wall versions.

Another Moon

Another Moon and Kizuki, two new IoT projects resulting from the collaboration between Digital Habits and QUANTUM the innovation accelerator based in Tokyo, part of the global advertising agency TBWA. Another Moon is an object that marks the lunar phases within metropolitan private environments where this awareness is fading out. Kizuki is an IoT signage that allows to intuitively and subtly ‘feel’ the climate within your home.


Digital Habits is the innovation platform of the international design studio Habits. Founded in 2012, it focuses on creating interactive and IoT products.

The Digital Habits collection includes objects of sound, light and scent. The products create seamless multisensory environments, which involve different perceptions and activate synesthesia.

Digital Habits products are now available in the most exclusive retail locations such as the Armani Mega Store in Via Manzoni in Milan and Mondadori Mega Stores.

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