Window cleaning Robot cracks the 400$USD price barrier

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Cleaning is called a “chore” for a reason, it’s a pain to do and nobody likes doing it! Imagine if there were robots that could do ALL of the cleaning for you so that you can relax and spend more time living your life. Look no further than Ecovacs Robotics, an award-winning brand of home robotics.

The DEEBOT D35 is brand new for 2015 the first robotic vacuum that’s designed for kitchen and bare-floor cleaning that has “direct suction” vacuuming. Dual-sweeper side brushes allow cleaning along baseboards, which often collect the most dust and is hardly ever noticed. D35 also has smart technology that can detect obstacles such as furniture to keep from bumping into them, along with sensors to detect stairs, so it can remain safe from taking a tumble. Plus, it will automatically return to the charging station to re-energize after cleaning.

Also from Ecovacs Robotics is the WINBOT W730, the world’s first robotic window cleaner. WINBOT’s operation is very easy – users just power her on, securely place her on the window, and press start. WINBOT’s Pathfinder Technology automatically scans and calculates the size of windows and programs a custom path for speed and efficiency. Her internal vacuum pump and powerful suction motor create a double seal that is able to bear up to 26 pounds and a back-up battery and safety pod ensure that WINBOT will stay secure even if the power is disrupted.

The DEEBOT D35 is available for an affordable $199.99, and the WINBOT is priced out at $399.99 [US dollars].  Learn more about home cleaning robots at

A Musical Journey for Robots and their masters~ CLICK ME

A Musical Journey for Robots and their masters~ CLICK ME

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