Toronto Martinis Are All About The Garnish

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TORONTO, Ont. — In a quiet, backlit corner, cozied up to a bar or amid the flashing lights on the dance floor, the distinctive silhouette is striking.Ahhhh martinis.

1969's 007- George Lazenby

1969’s 007- George Lazenby

Slender where it needs to be, but flared in the right spots, the martini has an iconic image that exemplifies class and sophistication, which is perhaps why it is the drink of choice for the fictional British spy James Bond. And as the tuxedo is central to the image of 007, how you dress your martini is key to its image — a skewer of olives resting along the angle of the chilled cocktail glass, submerged in the clear mixture of vermouth and gin (or vodka, as your personal taste may dictate).

“The martini is drink for the refined, elegant individual, not unlike the fictional British spy James Bond,” says Desiree Sardo, head of communications and public relations at Sardo Foods. “Vodka or gin. Shaken or stirred. The beauty of the drink is its versatility, and that applies to the olives as well. The question that must be asked is, what’s in your martini?”

With the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the latest Bond film Spectre last week, Desiree suggests shaking up a few martinis and settling in for a James Bond marathon.

[Here’s Radiohead’s superior and unused theme song for the opening of Spectre]

For a classic martini like Bond would enjoy, pour ½ oz. vermouth and 3 oz. of gin over ice in a mixing glass. Stir well, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with several green olives (martini enthusiasts insist on a minimum of three olives) and enjoy.

Up the Martini ante with Sardo Gourmet stuffed Olives.

Up the Martini ante with Sardo Gourmet stuffed Olives.

Most people like a traditional pimento stuffed olive in their martini, but experimenting with garlic and red pepper stuffed olives, or jalapeno and red pepper, will add a little zest to your drink.

To complete the martini experience — and give you a healthy snack while watching a Bond film — pair it with an incredibly easy-to-make but classy antipasto skewer.

Start with a cured, salted meat — prosciutto is a good choice — as the base, then add on an artichoke heart, cherry tomato, a leaf of basil or mint and a bocconcini. The presentation is beautiful and the skewer makes it easy to eat while still holding your martini glass.

“Everybody has their favourite Bond actor and their favourite Bond film, but to get a true taste of the character I recommend a marathon that includes a good variety of Bond movies with a different Bond in each,” says Desiree. “Your James Bond martini and a viewing of Spectre with Daniel Craig would go well with GoldFinger starring Sean Connery, For Your Eyes Only with Roger Moore and Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan. A martini or two with your marathon is a great way to spend a James Bond day.”

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