World’s Largest Home Swapping Network Lets You Trade Your House

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LOS ANGELES. HomeExchange – the world’s largest home exchange network with over 65,000 active listings in 150 countries – has launched HomeExchange Gold, an extension of its offering that caters to the luxury segment with a set of premium, personalized services.

“HomeExchange has always offered top-notch member support. As exchangers, we have it in our DNA,” said Jim Pickell, President of HomeExchange. “The depth of experience across our regionalized Support Team has been a signature of our commitment to the concept of sharing since we launched 24 years ago. We are excited to push the standard of service even higher, unparalleled in the industry, through HomeExchange Gold. This launch is about offering a Gold level of support to help ensure members find the right fit, not just a five-star home.”

HomeExchange Gold membership is ideal for home exchangers who have multiple homes or are looking for more personalized service through a dedicated Gold Exchange Specialist, reachable by phone, email or chat at anytime, from anywhere. The standard HomeExchange guarantee still holds of unlimited exchanges worldwide with no extra fees.

Even sailboat listings! Like this one in Greece.

Even sailboat listings! Like this one in Greece.

HomeExchange Gold premium services include the Gold Exchange Specialist’s real-time assistance in optimizing profiles and listings for maximum exposure; and on-demand, personally curated listings – the best possible options – based on travel preferences like dates and destinations, number of bedrooms required, amenities (pool, beach, wi-fi, car…) and any special needs.

HomeExchange Gold members have a choice between connecting exclusively with fellow Gold members or making their listing visible to the entire community. 

“Luxury today is about personalization, on-demand service, flexibility and freedom of choice,” explained Peter Anton, Director of Global Marketing. “HomeExchange Gold aggregates these four components as a first-class facilitator ensuring a great home exchange vacation.”

how home exchange worksThe higher level of service was added in response to demand by the growing segment of owners with second homes seeking to connect with others like them. However, based on the principle of flexibility and freedom of choice, all HomeExchange members will continue to be able to choose between traditional membership or upgrade to the more personalized level of service through HomeExchange Gold.

“We are very excited to launch this inclusive offer of premium services, available to all in our current community, as well as future members. Travelers have different needs and we now have different levels of service to enhance their home exchange experience,” concluded Anton. For the Silo, Alexandra Origet du Cluzea

HomeExchangeGold annual membership is $560Cdn and regular HomeExchangeRegular annual membership is $170Cdn.

About HomeExchange

Founded by Ed Kushins, a pioneer of the “collaborative consumption” movement, HomeExchange has facilitated over one million home swaps since 1992. It was featured in 2006 in the cult movie “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. In 2015, 65,000 HomeExchange members made 130,000 home swaps across 150 countries.  HomeExchange makes it easy to plan and enjoy a home exchange vacation and offers travelers a memorable, authentic experience. It was voted in November 2015 “Best Site for Booking Your Stay” by readers of USA TODAY and 10Best.

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