Toronto Inventor Tackles Awkward Toilet Paper Holders

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Toilet paper … it’s one of life’s necessities. Then why is the roll so difficult to replace? The problem lies in the awkward spring tube holder that always leaves you fumbling. No one wants to deal with it. We all know of that one person that always fails to change out the toilet paper roll. They’ll leave the empty roll on the holder and put a brand new one on top of the toilet or counter. The ZeNa attachment will solve that bad habit. Thanks to Alex Li, a thinker and inventor out of Toronto, Canada, this bathroom conundrum has finally been solved.

You can now change a roll out in a matter of seconds. It’s faster, easier and cleaner than the traditional spring tube method.

The ZeNa Attachment is an incredibly smart solution that fully modernizes your toilet paper holder. Its peel and stick design securely attaches (in seconds) to your existing TP dispenser, so there’s nothing more to install or buy. ZeNa Attachment’s patent pending swing design lets you swap out toilet paper rolls with one hand and it keeps it all in place with zero fuss.


The patent pending design is an easy attachment to add to your existing toilet paper holder. No need to hire a contractor. The heavy duty double-sided foam tape on the underside of the base is super strong. Simply stick this on to your clean existing holder and you’re good to go. Both sides are the same so there’s no getting this wrong.

The arms always fall back into place from a tension mechanism that forces the arms downward. So it doesn’t matter if your ZeNa Attachment is not level as long as you have installed it properly, it will work.

The ZeNa Attachment is super durable, comes in several colors and is the perfect bathroom assistant for the disabled, kids and seniors too.  Learn more and support this initiative by visiting the ZeNa Kickstarter page. For the Silo, Jarrod Barker.


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