Jeff’s Gran Torino Sport and A Classic Car ‘Rescue’ Podcast

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If you’ve spent time in rural Southern Ontario you know that there are many unique cultural identifiers. You may have noticed that things move a little slower…except for certain classic cars that continue to amaze with horsepower and style. I sure have, and it is a joy to cross paths with all of the “sweet rides” of Norfolk County.

Jeffs Gran Torino Sport
Jeff’s Gran Torino Sport is, like many classic cars, an icon. This model of car starred in a funky 1970s show (and later a Stiller-Wilson movie) that needed a car with character. A car that would be believable chasing after a pimped out Lincoln or Caddy. And though formulaic in this simple premise of cops + cool car= fun, Starsky and Hutch just wouldn’t be the same were it not for the Gran Tarino.

The Gran Torino succeeded in showing that muscle, style and comfort catches the viewer’s eye, as well as the bad guys. Look for Jeff’s wheels in and around Port Rowan. For the Silo, Jarrod Barker.


Supplemental- Port Dover’s Scott Misner talks about rescuing an El Camino and more




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  1. And true to form! After tweeting out this article, we took a trip to Waterford, Ontario and voila’- a few car enthusiasts had pulled over to the side of the road. Among the cars was this gorgeous Yenko Camaro.
    Yenko Camaro seen in Waterford Aug 2016

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