NightSwapping Is a New European Model of Sustainable Tourism

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In a time when the sharing economy is generalizing eco-friendly solutions for a sustainable development, a European startup has brought up to date one of the oldest tourism ideas in the world to lower the carbon footprint on your next vacation. It’s called swapping or more precisely, NightSwapping.

A simple idea that is enjoyed for its human dimension, authenticity and the absence of money between members.


It is therefore with the utmost respect for traditional cultures, local territory and people that NightSwapping represents a new model for a sustainable tourism.

Has it not become common for travelers to stay at a local’s rather than hotels or resorts?


These new behaviors seem motivated by the desire to draw closer to local cultures and pass down certain values to our young ones…

Within this changing industry, a European concept has found a way to challenge the giants from the Silicon Valley. NightSwapping  is the Sharing Economy at its core: no money exchanged, just sharing and authentic experiences.


A promising idea that continues to convince travelers around the world. For the Silo,  Quentin MITTELETTE






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  1. UPDATE With NightSwapping, Winter holidays are not a luxury any more

    Saving during Christmas is often difficult. December is the most expensive month of the year: gifts, dinners, holidays…

    Most of the consumers are afraid they cannot afford this extras and holidays are often sacrificed.

    But now, because of NightSwapping, you can travel without spending money.

    What is NightSwapping?

    NightSwapping is the first platform to offer night swapping, which allows you to travel in an authentic and economic way in an homestay, with or without the presence of the owner.

    The hosts welcome members at their home and win nights, they will be able to use them for staying to other members of the community, wherever in the world.

    How much does it cost?

    Every stay cost only $9,90 USD for booking fees whatever the length of the stay and the number of guests. An insurance which is offered automatically guarantees the security of the hosts and the travellers without additional fees.

    If a member cannot host or just wants to try the concept, he can purchase nights between $7USD and $49USD depending of the accommodation, directly to NightSwapping.

    NightSwapping with figures:

    More than 180.000 members in 160 countries.

  2. Wow- just hours after posting this article to our page at a debate began about whether or not NightSwapping is “Sustainable Tourism”. Here’s how things are panning out so far- please feel welcome to add your thoughts 🙂

    Sustainable Tourism World – STouW Hi The Silo, thanks for sharing your post. Unfortunately I am not going to share it because Night Swapping, even if is a lovely way to do tourism it doesn’t give a credible reason to be considered a sustainable from an environmental point of view. Please check out what #STouW consider sustainable…/

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    The Silo The Silo It’s okay that we don’t agree on what constitutes sustainable tourism- however our research shows that many members of Night Swapping are deeply involved with local environmental concerns and causes- let’s leave this one up to Nightswapping to answer wink emoticon

    Like · Reply · Commented on by The Silo · 6 hrs

    Nightswapping Nightswapping Hi there, thanks for the feedback! Interesting debate, happy to share our position smile emoticon

    Although we can’t help but to be a little bias, we believe NightSwapping is an eco-friendly alternative in the tourism industry as it offers the possibility to reuse already existing accommodations instead of building new resorts, hotels, etc…

    Furthermore, from an economic point of view, since their is no money exchanged between members, it is also sustainable in the sense that it does not disrupt the housing market like some short term rental websites do.

    Glad to hear you’re reactions & happy travels!

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