Mild Temperatures in NYC means Tropical Designs from PAOM

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Here in the NYC, temperatures have been in the 60s all week, making this a tropical start to a typically snowy winter.
Josh McKenna’s palm frond adorned pieces from our ‘Concrete Junglist’ collaboration are perfect to keep the tropics on your mind no matter what temperature you’re living in. Check out more of our favorite warm climate inspired designs below, or design your own!
Barbican Sweatshirt by Josh McKenna, $68.00USD

Alexandra Pant by Josh McKenna, $74.00USD

Blue Floral Tank by Megamart, $36.00USD

Flora Bomber Jacket by YMT, $120.00USD

Smiley Sun Comic by jackpoint23, $145.00

Tropical Garden Jumpsuit by Spice, $180.00

Mint Green Sweatshirt by La Toma, $68.00

Stefany T-Shirt by kastorandpollux, $68.00



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