Outer Shores Expeditions Relive Canadian Documentary Haida Gwaii

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Outer shores SchoonerPlease note, Outer Shores Expeditions is in no way affiliated with the ‘Haida Gwaii: On The Edge of the World’ nor is it portrayed in the documentary. What Hot Docs’ best Canadian Feature Documentary explores on film, Outer Shores Expeditions explores by classic wooden schooner.

Documentary film fans were given an intimate look into life on the Haida Gwaii archipelago during Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival in 2015, and now travelers can experience one of the planet’s most spectacular places for themselves with Outer Shores Expeditions, British Columbia’s leading sailing operator.

‘Haida Gwaii: On The Edge of the World’ was awarded top honours at the prestigious documentary film festival. Director Charles Wilkinson’s film about First Nations rights activists, ecologists and locals took home the Best Canadian Feature Documentary award, receiving praise from the Hot Docs festival jury for its “stunning cinematography.”

Toronto audiences were captivated by the film’s journey, as the documentary sold out all four of its screenings throughout the festival. It’s a journey travellers can also experience for themselves aboard Outer Shores Expeditions’ classic 70-foot wooden schooner Passing Cloud this summer.

Captain Markel

Captain Markel

To those of us familiar with Haida Gwaii, its people, and its history, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that a film placing this spectacular setting at its centre would enrapture audiences,” says Russell Markel, Captain and Founder, Outer Shores Expeditions. “You look around you and you have to believe that a talented filmmaker would find a perfect story of place and people in Haida Gwaii.”

Haida Artist

‘Islands of the People’

Outershores1Outer Shores guests will be able to experience first hand the history and pre-history of the ‘Islands of the People.’ The expedition is dedicated to exploring and learning about the ecosystems, wildlife and cultural heritage also featured in ‘Haida Gwaii: On The Edge of the World.’ Excursions include Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, Haida Heritage Site, National Marine Conservation Area, ancient Haida villages, old-growth forests, estuaries, white-sand beaches and rocky shores.
Expedition Schedule

Outer Shores offers five “”Haida Gwaii Archipelago: Islands at the Edge expedition sailings from June to August.

Outer Shores Expeditions also offers expedition sailings of Pacific Rim National Park  , Great Bear Rainforestthe Gulf Islands and Johnstone Strait  and Blackfish Sound.

For more information on Outer Shores Expeditions, visit  www.outershores.ca  or call 1-855-714-7233 Please mention The Silo when contacting. 

About Passing Cloud

Passing Cloud is a classic, 70′ schooner designed by William James Roué, famous for designing the legendary schooner Bluenose. Built in Victoria, BC, in 1974, Passing Cloud has a rich history on the BC Coast, renowned for her elegant design, exceptional accommodation, robust construction, and remarkable sailing abilities. Designed to sail around the world, Passing Cloud is an ideal vessel for small-group natural and cultural history expeditions throughout the BC Coast. Among her many features are Passing Cloud’s classic West coast wheelhouse, four private staterooms and gorgeous main salon.

About Outer Shores Expeditions

Outer Shores offers multi-day wildlife and cultural expeditions that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Guided by a crew of professional mariners and expert naturalists, Outer Shores Expeditions small groups of 6 to 8 guests explore, experience, and learn about the stunning wildlife and ancient cultures of coastal British Columbia while living and traveling aboard the 70′ classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud. President and Captain Russell Markel holds a PhD in marine biology and is dedicated to hosting guests from around the world while fostering stewardship and supporting conservation-based research in the areas where Outer Shores travels.


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  1. Hi Silo,
    As an eco-tourism company, it has been a goal of ours to become a carbon neutral operation from the outset. We’ve always been able to maintain a very low carbon footprint thanks to the crew’s dedication to sustainability and efficiency. However, we always felt it integral to our company mission that we achieve complete carbon neutrality.
    We worked with Victoria-based Synergy Enterprises to produce the Outer Shores Expeditions carbon footprint report. This report allowed them to measure our emissions, which includes all fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane, marine diesel), electricity, water, waste, paper, and company travel, and in turn purchase carbon offsets.
    This year, Outer Shores was able to offset its 2013 emissions. Next year, the company will achieve carbon neutrality for both the 2014 and 2015 expedition seasons.
    By purchasing its carbon offsets with Offsetters, a Vancouver-based company, Outer Shores is able to do more than invest in projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Offsetters’ initiatives also enhance ecosystems and provide wider social and economic benefits to the people living around them.
    To date, Outer Shores Expeditions’ carbon offset purchases have helped to support three Offsetters initiatives: Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, Lower Zambezi REDD+, and Uganda Efficient Wood Cook Stoves.

    Russell Markel, Outer Shores Expeditions Captain and Founder. info@outershores.ca

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