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Maybe Groundhog Day can become a National or Provincial Stat Holiday February 2nd isn’t  officially Groundhog Day. Technically it isn’t a National Holiday. It isn’t a Provincial Holiday. [Is Quebec the only province with a Provincial Holiday? CP] But maybe it should be. Groundhog Day isn’t an exclusive celebration that targets a specific demographic such as Family Day. It isn’t religiously or  politically motivated. It doesn’t specify Muslim, Buddhist, Marxist, Lennonist, McCarthyist, agnostic or atheist beliefs. It is inclusive, quirky, whacky and fun. There is no need to worry about political incorrectness.

Caddy vs Gopher…i’m betting on the gopher

Maybe Groundhog Day can become a rallying point for Ontarians. Groundhogs are robust creatures. They handle our long winter with style. Groundhogs might be cute but they are also tough!

Maybe the Groundhog can become Canada’s national animal. Does anyone remember  the politician who wanted to make the polar bear our national animal? Most of us aren’t likely to run into polar bears. It’s that old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind” and since we’re more likely to see a groundhog and associate with a groundhog it is an ideal choice. Incidentally Canada’s national animal is the beaver. Another obscure animal that most of us have never seen.

Maybe Groundhog Day is spiritual after all. If a Holiday need to be justified on a basis of spirituality or community consider the following short list:

  • Mysticism  (Shadow casting or lack their off = Long range weather forecast)
  • Fatalism     (Let everyone believe that an animal can come out of the ground on a specific day and tell us how the next six weeks will turn out)
  • Anthropomorphism (Groundhogs can really see? Can they talk? How do we know if they have seen their shadow?)
  • Human/Animal Communication or Telepathy  (Groundhog interpreters/ Groundhog whisperers? Are they specific to Wiarton, Punxsutawney?)

If like us, you believe Groundhog Day is ready for officialdom either as a holiday or a national animal- contact your local MP or MPP office. Let’s see if this initiative can end up as a Private Member Bill (Murray).

Based on an original article by Rick Fess  for The Silo. You can find him on Facebook and also on Twitter @Richinside

Supplemental- “Pothole Pete” is a growing legend in New York City. Canada’s groundhog is an albino.

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