Former Obese Alcoholic and Addict ran Boston Marathon Four times in a row

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David Clark 2Twenty-seven thousand athletes ran the last Boston Marathon.  However, one man ran it four times … four times in one day. David Clark is a former 320-pound alcoholic who was also addicted to painkillers.  He’s been sober for nearly a decade and credits extreme endurance sports for his path to recovery in his bestselling autobiography, Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery.

Clark runs with purpose and his 24 hour, 17 minute Quad Boston (104.8 miles) was no exception. He began his quad marathon in downtown Boston where he ran for people struggling to overcome addiction.  Then he ran to the finish line for people who have conquered addiction.  Then he ran back to the start line for the families of addicts and finally he ran his official race in memory of a Boston girl who died last year of a drug overdose.

While Clark’s life story is about his addiction, his lessons learned easily transfer to others, providing inspiration to never give up despite life’s challenges. “Healthy mind and body is where I found peace,” says Clark.  “My hope is that people are able to see, through my story, that there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.”

David Clark is a running coach, sponsored runner, inspirational speaker, and gym owner. Prior to running his Quad Boston, he has competed in some of the most difficult endurance races on the planet. David is considered an elite athlete and is well respected in the national running community.

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Out There:  A Story of Ultra Recovery By David Clark

Publisher:  CreateSpace Available at

ISBN-10: 1499721196 ISBN-13: 978-1499721195

Book Excerpt


Marshall Ulrich, extreme endurance athlete, speaker, and author of Running on Empty: “[The book] …is as jarring and intense as it is motivating and uplifting.”

Ross Harrington: “…raw and riveting—a real-life “Rocky” story about a guy who just refused to give up. David Clark pulls no punches in telling us what he’s been through, and it will be a long, long time before I get this book out of my head.”

Marlin Keesler “The Reluctant Runner”: “To say David Clark’s story is inspiring would be an understatement. His personal narrative is so captivating, gripping, and energizing it compels one to revisit abandoned aspirations and to get out and achieve them…”

Dean Karnazes, endurance athlete and NY Times bestselling author: “David Clark has overcome adversities most of us can’t even begin to fathom. Morbidly obese, hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol, he not only turned his life around but went on to complete the world’s toughest footrace, the 135-mile Badwater ultramarathon. Inspiring and engaging, [the book] is a dramatic story about dealing with profound difficulties and having the strength and courage to persist, endure and prevail no matter how badly the odds are stacked against you.”

Justin McCune: “If nothing else David tells his story with an air of honesty not often seen! His story will take you to rock bottom of alcohol addiction, and lift you back up to the essence of living for the moment!”

Charlie Engle, athlete and author:  “David has an undeniable energy as both a runner and a sober man. He sets a stellar example for anyone who wants to take charge of their own life and make a difference in others’ lives. He is all out, all the time. I love this book.”

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