Ontario Family Lawyer’s New Book Outlines Path To Successful Divorce

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Noted family lawyer Russell Alexander has written a book outlining the path to a successful divorce, taking readers step-by-step through the process from finding a lawyer to handling post- litigation issues. This one of the few books that touches exclusively on Ontario divorce law.

“It made me realize how much hunger there is for information on how divorces work,” said Alexander. “No one ever expects to get a divorce, so it’s not a subject that people spend much time learning about until they are facing one. It can be hard to catch up at such a stressful time.”






In 300+ pages, Alexander’s book, “The Path to a Successful Divorce,” aims to give readers a solid grounding on the key questions about family law that they’ll face as they go through a divorce, including whether they’ll need a separation agreement first, how courts view adultery and why representing yourself is a bad idea.

Using his knowledge of Canadian case law, Alexander also peppered the book with interesting anecdotes about real divorces that illustrate how some of these issues play out, such as a father who sent abusive text messages and a couple who were married in front of 500 people but never obtained a marriage license.

“Every divorce is unique,” Alexander said. “But there are principles that underlie the process that you need to understand before you move forward in a divorce. This is one case where what you don’t know can hurt you. Hopefully this book will help readers avoid that problem.”

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and will be available in print on Amazon and on the firm’ s website later this spring. For more details, contact:  marketingdirector@thesilo.ca

Russell Alexander Family Lawyers is committed to practicing exclusively in the area of family law in Ontario dealing with all aspects, including separation and divorce, child custody and access, spousal support, child support, and division of family property. A team of lawyers provide guidance from start to finish, helping clients identify and understand the legal issues as well as the options and opportunities available through the transition. The firm has offices in Lindsay, Whitby, and Markham, Ontario. For the Silo, Alison Beckwith .

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