Canadian Technology Is Turning Wrists into Playgrounds

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Canada are at the forefront of the technology scene – investing in areas such as quantum computing, space travel, environmental issues, medicine and natural sciences – and they are certainly not letting themselves get left behind when it comes to everyday applications either.

One of the biggest changes to technology over the last five years has been the emergence of technology on smaller and smaller hardware items – from PCs to laptops, onto tablets and then onto our smartphones. But it appears that the latest step has finally arrived, and watch-based technology is now readily-available, with so-called ‘smart-watches’ the most recent must-have items.

Montreal-based company, Neptune, have brought out the successor to their 2013 creation, ‘The Pine’ – a smart-watch called ‘The Hub’ – and is designed to replace, rather than work in conjunction with your smartphone. This means that it is the first truly mobile wrist-based device, and with increased battery life and functionality, it lends itself to a wide range of applications.

Online gaming is another field that has experienced enormous recent growth, and Royal Vegas Casino has managed to combine these two areas by offering a wide range of casino games and online slot machines direct to your wrist – meaning that you can get away with subtly playing roulette at the dinner table, or making real money on their recently-returned Wheel of Fortune slot-game when you should be paying attention to what your boss is saying at your next briefing.

iPhone6 paired with iWatch- online gaming for your wrist!

iPhone6 paired with iWatch- online gaming for your wrist!

As well as a wide range of games (complete with huge welcome bonuses, free spins and access to members-only tournaments and prize draws) Royal Vegas Casino also offer their users access to their regularly updated blog, which keeps players up-to-speed with the latest goings-on from the world of online gaming. This means that you need never miss a release date or a chance to take advantage of limited time offers – and all from your watch!

NYMI wrist-tech from Toronto

NYMI wrist-tech from Toronto

But it seems that Canada is leading the way in more than one wrist-based technology and Toronto tech company ‘NYMI’ have created a wristband that reads heartbeats and has the ability to use them as a form of personal identification, allowing you access to bank accounts or internet services without the risk of them being stolen in the same way that fingerprints can be.

Whichever way you look at it, Canada is at the forefront of cutting edge and user-friendly technology – and if it beeps, chirps or flashes on your wrist, the odds are that it was conceived in The Great White North – and so long as they keep making our lives more interesting, safer or convenient, long may it continue. For the Silo, Jarrod Barker


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