“Vision Quest” Poetry Inspired by Spirit and Landscape of Scotland

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8bit Wendy E Slater Poet 2In her youth, Wendy E. Slater found her greatest gift of expression in poetry- and then went dormant. Years later, on a trip to Scotland, the fount reopened. She had been through a crucible of chronic illness that forever changed her, launching Slater on a quest for meaning and life reexamination. That quest opened a gateway into self-healing that resulted in 20 volumes of simmering, soul-searing and spiritual poetry that deftly points humankind toward a new awareness of our Oneness with all humanity, nature, the cosmos and the divinity.

Slater’s breathtaking dive into self-scouring, cleansing and finally transcendence offers hope for all who have been pulled down by the forces of self-blame, self-judgment and self-sabotage. The beauty of her soothing words and healing revelations clears the way for a new path to life-altering Unity, emerging from the alienation of separation.

Her awakening journey began first in the 1980’a where as a student studying science, she became increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of all things. Struck down by an undiagnosed chronic illness in 1991 that incapacitated her for five years, she turned to alternative healing techniques when allopathic medicine failed her. This widely ranging exploration of holistic health and spiritual practices opened her eyes to a new way of being, brought forth consistently by healers from all societies and eras- an existence without “the false archetype of perfection.”

Says Slater, today a gifted alternative healer herself: “When blame and self-judgment are transformed, healed and cease to be, we have reawakened without myth, the mythos, of separation.”

Into The Hearth CoverIt was on that one heart-opening trip to Scotland in 2001, that the poetry coalescing inside of her during that healing period began to pour forth. In subsequent trips to spiritually enriched landscapes, the words found their way to paper. Slater calls her work “Vision Quest” Poetry.

Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14, is actually the first of her volumes to reach publication. And it is already a widely-acclaimed Amazon.com #1 Bestseller:

“This is a very dangerous book of songs. You will find yourself overwhelmed, engulfed, and swept away into the very intimate heart fire of Wendy Slater, the feminine heart fire of love, and in the end you will be left in ashes, totally in love without any object whatsoever, yearning for more.: ~ John A. Perks, Author of “The Mahasiddha and His Idiot Servant,” Ven. Seonaidh Perks, Celtic Buddhist lineage

“Wendy E. Slater is that breed of poets who open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds with a warm arm around the shoulder, a sympathetic and empathic delivery that instantly binds the reader to her. These poems, quite simply, are eloquent, not only because they are offered with a desire to invite us to join her on the path to enhanced perception of the world and our place in it, but also because she manages to infuse that sense of spiritual respect that is so often absent in contemporary poetry.” ~Grady Harp, Amazon’s Hall of Fame, a Top 100 Amazon reviewer.

In the Hearth by Wendy E. Slater is available from Amazon.com and also on Kindle. To learn more about “Vision Quest” Poetry visit Traduka.com

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  1. Zoe DeRoether

    I found her story very inspiring and wonderful. Anyone who has visited Scotland knows the power and majesty of the land and lochs. I hope to start writing poetry again soon. Zoe

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