Unique Angles From Which We Can View How We Communicate Socially

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Look with great honesty at your inner life. Contemplate the ways in which you approach and communicate with the world. Our interactions are shaped by context at all times, one moment calls for gentleness while the next requires a firmer approach. It becomes second nature navigating these nuances, we stop giving thought to the many personas involved in our experiences moment to moment. From time to time, turn the mirror and allow the reflection to sink in. Do not approach with judgment, merely curiosity. Make contact with yourself and get to know once again what has been lost to habit. Investigate the uncharted waters of you, revealing a self you may not have encountered for many years.

Andreja Kuluncic says, “Everybody can be an artist.” The Zagreb, Croatia-based artist believes all that is needed is for each of us to wake up the creative part of ourselves. In her participation-driven work, she explores this idea extensively. In one piece titled Art and Box, audience members are invited to take a box containing dismantled pieces for an art exhibition back to their communities. With the box comes a dancer who the participants can invite to collaborate on a performance piece at their local school, library, or any other place they see fit. In this way, and through much of her work, Kuluncic seeks unique angles from which to view how we communicate socially. Her work Collective Stranger traces lines within the Croatian community combining the experiences of women from many backgrounds all of whom fit into the category of oppressed and even ostracized populations.

Alison Jackson is no stranger to alternative facts. Her career is built on the voyeuristic relationship we have with celebrities. Jackson creates images using lookalikes that challenge our concept of what is real. Most recently she has created photographs featuring a Donald Trump lookalike for the series Mental Images. Jackson says, “my pictures ask where does the truth end and the lies begin…where the subjective triumphs over the objective.” He work spans many media including publishing, photography, television, and is exhibited in museums and galleries.

Encounter others inner worlds through literature and share your findings. Add your titles to our reading list here. Andreja Kuluncic turns to Death Drives an Audi by Danish author Kristian Bang Foss. User Carl Smith has read Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye by Marie Mutsuki Mockett.

Rekindle a relationship with your true self. Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese mystic and philosopher wrote, “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightented.” For the Silo, Brainard Carey.

Brainard  is currently giving free webinars on how to write a better Artist bio and statement and how to get a show in a gallery – you can register for that live webinar and ask questions live by clicking here.

*featured image: “CREATIVE STRATEGIES” multidisciplinary research project 2010-ongoing Andreja Kuluncic.


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