Terrific Tech Gifts You Can Give to a New Homeowner

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When your best friend moves into their new luxury residence say like these ones in Montreal, you may want to consider giving a high tech device for your housewarming gift. These new-fangled gizmos can really spice up any home, but they’re especially suitable for high end houses and condo units. Take a look at our suggestions for the new homeowner:

  1. Smart Smoke Alarm and Detector. Surely your buddy has fire insurance, but a smoke detector is still a sensible precaution. What sets this apart is that it’s rather more advanced than other models. You need a model to detect carbon monoxide and also send alerts to your Wi-Fi devices.

  2. Smart Home Security Camera and Alarm System. This is another smart device, which for luxury homes isn’t really foolish at all. Get them a wide angle camera with infrared, and it should be tied in to an alarm system that sends warnings and video straight to your smartphone. So you can make sure that you’re alerted when someone approaches your home, and you can get video evidence too.

  3. Programmable Coffee Machine. This is great for mornings when your buddy wants to have a cup of java right after they wake up. If it’s a smart coffee machine, then your buddy can have it start making coffee right before the alarm goes off so there’s no waiting for the caffeine.

4. Automatic Pet Feeder. Again this is another smart option, and this time you have a feeder that sets up automatic feedings. If you want, you can also set it up and have it feed your pooch or kitty while you’re at work.

5. Smart Weighing Scale. Everything’s smart these days, and that even includes a weighing scale. Ordinarily, it may not be polite to give a weighing scale even to a friend, since it may seem like you’re saying that they’re getting fat. But they may not think that weigh when you get them this version.

You can find one with a minimalist design and it can come with smart features too. This can track weight, calculate body fat, and perhaps even measure the pulse wave velocity. It should be compatible with a smartphone since it’s normally controlled through an app.

  1. Shower Speaker. Some people turn on their smartphones in the shower to get some music, but a waterproof shower speaker works better. The sound isn’t just nicer, but the waterproofing should help it last long. A device like this usually connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth. If you like listening to baseball radio broadcasts, you may want to get a speaker with FM radio.

  2. Wi-Fi Range Extender. Many luxury homes have huge floor spaces, and the Wi-Fi may not be strong enough if your buddies like to hang out in the garage or backyard. Thick walls can also block Wi-Fi signals. But with this device, everyone at home can go online wirelessly.

  3. 3D Nightlights. This may be marketed towards kids, but plenty of adults are intrigued by them too. These are disks that emit lights that look like 3D images, though they’re actually 2D. This can show designs like Ironman’s mask, Star Wars vehicles, or even Sanrio characters.

  4. Smart Thermostat. Try the one from Nest that was designed by the same person who created the shape of the iPod. It doesn’t just look cool, but it learns to automatically schedule and control your temperature. It turns itself off when no one’s home, and it starts heating or cooling your house when you’re on your way home.

10. Digital Art Frame. You know how your monitor can display cool wallpapers? You can have a frame that can do that too. It can display fine art or supermodels, depending on what images are saved in your smartphone.

Lots of these items are smart devices, and they’re all high tech. Get them for your buddy as the best housewarming gifts for luxury homes. For the Silo, Dimitry Karloff. 

Featured image- The $6 million Penthouse on the 12th and 14th floors of the Residences Ritz-Carlton Montreal. 

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