Learn To Communicate With Your Cat

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It’s a funny thing about cats and babies. When babies cry, we desperately try to understand why. When a cat meows on the other hand, we usually take it as if he or she’s just being…… well, annoying. To be fair, it depends on the pitch of the meow. If it’s more of a screech, well then you and I probably take that as a sign to stay away. But not with babies. Have you ever wondered why the different treatment?

Why do people put extra time into analyzing baby behaviors compared to cats?

I mean, both are obviously trying to say something to us.And we know from research that cats have a language of their own. In fact the meows you hear could be one of 20 different sounds they’re making, all with slightly different inflections and behavioral responses.

We can now learn the full range of complex emotions we previously thought were reserved only for human beings — as they are actually happening to our cat children.

Cats can have a sense of guilt, for example. And if you can spot the emotions, you’ll know exactly when they misbehave!

Cats can feel lonely, as we already pointed out. And oftentimes they’ll try and hide from you, much like a teenager who secretly needs to be consoled in some way.

Cats can even be manipulative. But you already knew that, or at least suspected it every time your cat showed you some warmth and love right before chow time!

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Dogs, in comparison, can never quite get past a five-year-old’s more narrow emotional spectrum. It’s either happy or sad for them.

Don’t believe me? Check it out and see firsthand what your cat is trying to tell you today by clicking here.

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