SipaBoards paddleboards include jet propulsion

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SipaBoards, a new startup from Slovenia, has just launched its country’s most ambitious crowd-funding campaign to date.

Standup paddleboarding already has a loyal core of followers and its popularity is growing fast. As the world’s first self-inflating standup paddleboard, SipaBoards is changing the direction of this sport for the better and making it easier and more accessible for everyone.

Its innovative design opens up paddleboarding to children, beginners, and anyone else who is curious, but still hasn’t given the sport a try. The board pumps itself up in just a few minutes, getting you on the water more quickly, and the motor helps you keep stability and direction, making it easier to paddle further and stay out on the water longer.

According to those in the know, SipaBoards have come up with the smartest innovation in paddleboarding in recent years. The “no extra parts” philosophy of SipaBoards’ founder, Sebastjan Sitar, led him to design the motor’s housing so that it seamlessly fits into a whole in the board’s center of gravity.

The second innovation, named aptly the SipaDrive, is an integrated jet propulsion system, which gives the paddler assistance up to 3 knots. Everything is “smartly” operated wirelessly by buttons built into the paddle itself, so that communication with the motor is interrupted and the motor automativelly shuts off immediately if the paddle falls into the water.

Sipa Drive

Accelerating the Slovenian Economy by 3 knots

Sebastjan Sitar, a sportsman and entrepreneur, has his mind on the significance of this business challenge ahead of the launch:

“Slovenia was hit hard by the economic crisis, and we realize that the country needs a fast way out of these difficulties. Our solution will accelerate this recovery by 3 knots.”   Sipaboards on Twitter

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  1. SipaBoards has picked up a prestigious Red Dot Award 2015, taking the honors in the competition’s highest category – the Best of the Best 🙂 Out team is super happy about it.

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