Newbie Guide To Proper Ordering And Eating Steak

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The best steakhouse and seafood restaurant in town is not like other dining establishments. There are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when you’re dining in one:

  • The first rule is that if you’re going for a steak,it’s best to go to one of the best steakhouses in town. Cheaper places offer tasteless food, and you may just end up with MSG-laden steak that’s bad for your health and your taste buds.
  • If you only eat steak on special occasions, you may as well splurge on the best meat you can afford. These cuts include the rib eye, which is tender because of the high fat content. The filet is also flavorful and tender. You should also try the tender short loin, also known as the New York cut.

The special “Cowboy Rib Steak” from Baton Rouge Steakhouse Canada.

  • Of course, the taste of the steak also depends on where the meat comes from. American steak is tastier than European steak, while Japanese steak is extremely fatty. You may want to refrain from ordering a rib eye if you are ordering a Japanese steak.
  • It’s best if you order your steak rare to medium rare. This isn’t about snobbishness. It’s about the fact that when you cook steak to a degree more than medium the steak can become tough and very chewy. It’s not as enjoyable to eat.

  • When you cut meat and you’re right-handed, you hold the fork with your left hand while the knife is on the right hand. Hold the knife and the fork with the index fingers down the back of the utensils. You shouldn’t hold them like they’re pencils or by clenching your fists around them. You can then use the fork to hold the meat while you make your cut with the knife.

  • After cutting the meat, you have 2 options. One is the American style of transferring the fork to your right hand. You first have to put the knife on the plate without it touching the tablecloth. Then you use the fork in your right hand to spear the meat and place it in your mouth.
  • You can also use the Continental style of just using the fork in your left hand to spear the meat and take a bite. It’s quick and efficient.
  • You should cut each piece of meat one at a time. You shouldn’t cut more than once before you take a bite, as it’ll leave a mess on your plate. It may also tempt you to take more than 1 piece of meat into your mouth and that can be awkward when you’re having a conversation around the table.
  • For the best wine drink some good red wine. California wines are very good with steak.

  • Side dishes depend on your particular tastes. Sautéed spinach is excellent, while for some the best side dish is French fries. You may also want to try creamed spinach with fried egg at the top.
  • You should try to eat your steak with no sauces so that you can really savor the true taste of your steak. You can then add a bit of sea salt to flavor. For sauces, you candip your French fries into your favorite sauce to accompany the taste of the steak.

Of course, the true rule of eating steak is to enjoy yourself while you mind your manners. Etiquette isn’t really about blind obedience to the rules. It’s all about making sure that your dining companions (and everyone around you) enjoy the steak as much as you do!

Featured image- Angus Beef New York Strip Steak

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