Loving The Carrera S 911 Porsche

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all photos- Robb Price

A metallic silver bullet, 300+ km/h roaring blur on the Autobahn. 6th gear, 355+ HP, 3.8L-6cylinder, variable timing at full advance, breathing in through a K&N filter system and exhaling out of a Fabspeed Max-Flo exhaust. Automatically adjusting shock absorbers stiffening as you pass and corner. Porsche’s PSM stability control system controlling the power to the wheels, keeping you on the road as you throttle and shift. Signature auto adjusting spoiler in the up position. If you need to stop in a hurry, having full confidence in Porsche’s best-in-the-biz 4 channel ABS and huge cross drilled rotors.
These are the type of thoughts I get just looking at this beefy, wide stanced, Carrera S (911). As sleek as it is fast, these cars actually keep a “Low Emissions Vehicle” status, and family car class fuel economy. (This is a pretty cool way to be green if you ask me!)
These cars really pay homage to the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” in the sense that they (Porsche) have used a lot of the same body lines, and same rear-engine design, in the 911’s over 40 years of production. Being of rear-engine design though, makes these cars hard to master driving, truly making the driver conform to it.
By constantly improving on something that has worked since day one, Porsche has kept the focus where it really counts, on the suspension and drive-line.

Marshall Thompson, owner of Thompson Chiropractic (Simcoe and Waterford) and this sweet car, says that he was really drawn to this particular model for a few reasons:
1) He really wanted the signature Porsche model, the 911.
2) He really liked that in 2006 they went back to the traditional 911, oval headlight shape (Porsche had gone away from this for a few years, using a headlight similar to their Boxster model)
3) The wide body style of the ’06 Carrera S and the impressive much improved interior. This car touting a very stylish and ergonomic, leather interior, navi-system, uber sporty gauge package, and Bose 13 speaker sound system. Unheard of in older 911’s as they were more like a streetable race car than a luxury car.
Don’t be fooled by its good looks though. This 911 is just as wicked as its predecessors. This one apparently easily breaking the 250km/h in 5th gear with a full 6th gear still at the ready.

You might catch this car in the Simcoe or Waterford areas but only on sunny days. Good luck actually catching up to this one. Robb Price is a regular automotive writer for The Silo and owns and operates WC Kustoms in Windham Centre.

[Much like the 911, the seminal electronic band Kraftwerk innovated and pushed the boundaries of form and function. Recommended listening for Porsche owners when you’re ripping through gears CP] Update- Silo Direct Link 2012 911 Porsche makes North American Debut

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