Lawn And Garden Lovers Should Use E10 Or Less In Lawn And Garden Equipment

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Spring is on the way and garden, lawn and outdoor lovers need to know how to properly fuel their favorite yard and garden equipment. Surveys show that many people think that the same gas that goes in their cars, can go into their outdoor power equipment. But that’s not the case.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) wants to remind consumers that it’s important to “Look Before You Pump.” There are many fuel blends on the market now. Most gasoline-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other outdoor power equipment are warranted and designed to use E10 or less fuel (10% or less ethanol).

Fuel with more than 10 percent ethanol can damage or destroy lawn and garden equipment. Always check the owner’s manual and use E10 or less in lawn and garden equipment. Visit and hashtag #LookB4UPump for more information.

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Consumers need to hear this message. In a Nielsen/Harris poll last year, 51 percent of North Americans said they don’t give fuel ethanol content much thought as they tend to fill up their portable gas tanks with the same fuel used to fill their vehicle. Nearly 57 percent, confess that they typically only pay attention to labels on fuel pumps if they read “Warning” or “Do Not Use In…” on the pump. For the Silo, Debbi Mayster.

Supplemental- Forbes: It’s final, corn ethanol is of no use.

UPDATE- Opinions are polarized on the use of ethanol in gasoline. Check out the comments below and the short video that defends the use of ethanol.

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  1. Curt Mechanic Ethanol, e10-e25 … The Cole’s notes overly simplified explanation states that it simply raises the octane level 1-5 points. This raise in octane is a good thing for emissions as it helps control the burn, keeping it cooler which in turn reduces the NOx that the engine produces. These other additives are ABSOLUTELY harmful, especially when mixed with other additives that are sold over the counter. Have a look at the diesel fuel filters on my posts that were disintegrated because someone thought additives were a good idea, that cost them a set of injectors too.

  2. Mickey Shay Tell me what E11 will do?

    Ryan Benitz Save you $. But don’t tell. My secret.

    Mickey Shay I look alright, right to the E30 pump lol

    The Silo WC Kustoms Auto Sales what do you think?

    WC Kustoms Auto Sales The ethanol has different burn rates than the petroleum gas does. More than likely it burns a bit hotter which may wear out your equipment sooner.

    Ryan Benitz More than likely……Do some research before you post. Ethanol burns cooler than petro…Come on!
    I have been burning e85 in a supercharged grand prix for over 115000 miles zero issues.

    The Silo #Silo reader Hogpipes says “Gal of E-10 gas has 1/3 the energy of reg gas and 2 % less mpg. it may burn cooler but makes the eng run leaner and hotter. i think that is what blu -harley really wants to know .DON’T TRY RUNNING E-85 GAS IN YOUR BIKE. ”

    Mickey Shay Or just adjust your carb AFR so it doesn’t lean out lol

    Mickey Shay And yes, ethanol burns cooler. Silo, your reader is just as misinformed as your admin. E10 contains 10% ethanol. How does a gallon of fuel that is 90% gasoline contain 33% less BTUs than a gallon of fuel with ALL gasoline?

    The Silo The Silo we research before we post. Just because you disagree with our post doesn’t mean we are non-factual. The reality is- lawsuits are flying and that means there are lots of different opinions on this- here’s what The Telegraph had to say-…/The-ethanol-threat-to…
    The ethanol threat to classic cars and bikes|By By Rod Ker

    Mickey Shay That’s great. I’ve been researching and testing this topic for the last decade.

    Jacob Kaul Anyone talking about classic cars?

    The Silo how much Benzene Xylene and Toluene is YOUR engine approved for?

    Jacob Kaul The Silo how much Benzene Xylene and Toluene is your engine approved for?

    Jacob Kaul The Silo how much Benzene Xylene and Toluene is your engine approved for? Do viable questions always get ignored ?

    Mickey Shay You can see some of my work at Midwest Ethanol Outpost.

    WC Kustoms Auto Sales Small engines are Pickier with optimal running Temps.

    Mickey Shay Jacob Kaul

    The Silo added a video

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