Largest And Most Trusted Digital Marketplace For Shipping Estate Sales

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We’re  EBTH-  Everything But The House- the largest and most trusted digital marketplace for shipping estate sales, but we started small, in front yards and tag sales. Our founders,-Brian Graves and Jacquie Denny, met while working in the Cincinnati auction and antiques world. While they loved uncovering the potential of pieces waiting inside their clients’ homes, they couldn’t help feeling like the traditional estate sale formats made it difficult for families to earn fair market value for their belongings. Not to mention the fact that design lovers and deal-hunters were limited to shopping for home furnishings and decor in their areas alone.

EBTH founders, Brian and Jacquie.

They also realized they liked helping people and they liked working together and so naturally, EBTH was born, and its online auctions let fans from Ohio to Anchorage in on a well-kept secret: that there were thousands of one-of-a-kind treasures waiting in the America’s best homes and now, at their fingertips.

Eight years later, EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE  ( CEO Andy Nielsen , CBO Mandana Dayani  ) sells furniture, jewelry, art coins, cars, collectibles, and more in over 27 US cities and counting. We’re bigger, but no less committed to giving buyers access to incredible homes around the country, fueled by the sellers who inspire us every day. We feel lucky to be at the center of a community that celebrates the rare, historical, weird, and wonderful.

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