Heritage Auction Combined Fluorite Specimen With Associated Painting

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Discovered at the Elmwood Mine, Carthage,Tennessee, USA

Discovered at the Elmwood Mine, Carthage,Tennessee, USA

Despite a production history spanning several decades, the number of exceptionally fine and large specimens that have been recovered at Elmwood is actually quite small. The mine is known for specimens combining Fluorite, Sphalerite and Baryte in aesthetic combinations which play off the different colors, forms and surface luster that each of these minerals brings to the mix.

Here, we have a significant Fluorite cluster of cubic form composed of pale yellow core material overlain with a thin veneer of violet color. Next to it is a radiating group of dark red Sphalerite crystals of pyramidal form and adamantine luster. To complete the ensemble, there are rounded Baryte aggregates of an off-white hue and granular texture, artfully arranged around the edges of the Fluorite, which is quite transparent, as any side or back lighting will prove, while the Sphalerite displays an almost metallic luster with glints of deep red that serves as a counterpoint to the two other minerals.

The Natural World has a long history of inspiring artists.

This museum quality specimen was hidden away in a private collection for many years and has just recently been cleaned with modern cleaning techniques to reveal the top level caliber of the piece. This is fresh to market, as it has never been offered to the public for sale. Condition is excellent with only minor nicks and chips. The specimen managed to captivate noted Dallas artist: J.D.Miller enough that he immortalized it via a acrylic painting reminiscent of the Impressionist works of Van Gogh and the like. The specimen is accompanied by this amazing painting, as well as a custom acrylic stand.

Opening bid with buyer’s premium was $125,000 (usd)

Overall Measurements: 10 x 12 x 8.5 inches (25.4 x 30.48 x 21.59 cm)
Painting Measurements: 52 x 64 inches (132.08 x 162.56 cm)
Estimate: $200,000 – $250,000.

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