Digital Habits Is Innovation Platform Founded In Milan Italy

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Digital Habits is an innovation platform, extension of the international design studio Habits. Founded in Milan in 2012, it specializes in connected objects. During the 2017 edition of the Superdesign Show by Superstudio, Digital Habits will examine in depth the relationship between the user, the context and controls of electronic products.
The new prototypes go beyond the natural interfaces designed in previous years, and present multisensory systems that connect gestures, space, attention and feedbacks. The presented products are control devices designed around humans, their anthropometry, their spaces and their best perceiving or moving abilities; they are not based on technical elements such as the size of the display, the available sensors or the computational capability.

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These devices express a new design Humanism where the user has a central role prevailing to the underlying technology sophistication. This is a different approach for the technological one where the tendency to standardize components brings also to the standardization of user experiences.
In the section of “Selected Objects” titled “Time to color”, Digital Habits will present three new projects that have colour as a common thread linking the user experience, the object and the environment:
OSOUND XL: a new Air Gesture Control Bluetooth Loudspeaker, covered by colourful fabrics; Its wide size qualifies OSOUND XL as piece of smart furniture rather than just a well-designed electronic device
COLOR SWING: an ambient light detection system of the color information of an object surface which is returned as a light feedback to the environment XVOID: a new generation of air gesture interfaces, to control light/colour intensity; for the exhibited project, the presented case is the control of white and coloured light.
Since its launch at the end of 2012, Digital Habits has won several international awards (RedDot Design, Core 77, Expo Award) and received a vast press coverage (selected by CNN as best 10 Technology objects for your home, presented on TED Talks ideas worth spreading, The Telegraph, Mashable, Gizmag, etc.). Digital habits products are now available in the most exclusive retailers. For the Silo, Jarrod Barker.

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