Letter To The Silo- Being In Canada 50 Years And Involved In Social Change

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This year, I have been in Canada 50 years. It is difficult to define what I need to do but I have to be more active, more involved in positive social change…….The state of Trumpism gnaws at me.
During March, about 40 of my photographs (1967 – 1974) of Toronto’s Baldwin St. were exhibited at the Toronto Arts & Letters Club. I recently spoke at the Club about my experience as an immigrant in 1967 with a draft dodger avoiding the Vietnam War.    

Here is one of my photographs.

In Feb., I was fortunate enough to have exhibited photographs at Unlovable Gallery that John Phillips (my ex-husband and late husband)  and I took of the American Civil Rights Movement. A few days ago, I gave a slide presentation at the Women’s Art Association on Canadian women photographers who worked between 1865 -1915.   Three projects – war resisters, civil rights, and feminism. 

…and this one taken Toronto City Hall

 My son, Bennett Jones Phillips, and his partner,Lisa Pereira are in the process of creating a record store on Baldwin St. and I am going to have an exhibition space. (I had a gallery in the past on Baldwin). Here is a chance to be more active and socially involved.   My plan includes an expanded “coming to Canada” exhibit with blow ups of my and John’s photos and some pages of John’s FBI file and underground papers. It looks like the space will be a shipping container and available as early as June. The opening event will likely include having a tent in the former  Silverstein Bakery parking lot and having music, poetry, and a 60’s feel with Baldwin Street history – Irish, Jewish, Chinese, and American immigration being part of the  opening focus. 
There are lots of possibilities. I am very open to ideas and involvement of other people. So what do you think? Cheers, Laura Jones.

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