M5 Scooter: foldable, electric and Summer perfect

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I hope you are ready for Summer 🙂  Imagine spending pennies on electricity instead of hundreds of dollars on gas during the busiest travel season. On the new, fully-electric M5 E-Scooter from EcoReco, a mere one dollar will power the scooter for approximately 500 miles.  The M5 is perfect for short-distances and last-mile commutes. They also work well on corporate campuses, and for casual rides around town.

M5E Scooter

The M5 has many of the same great features from its previous M3 model, but also has a rear-suspension system, which gives you a much smoother ride. Also new is the option to have a front pneumatic tire, which are available for purchase.

The M5’s quiet, electromagnetic motor gives off no CO2 emissions, making it environmentally safe. The M5 can reach a top speed of 20 mph and travel up to 20 miles per charge on flat ground. It also comes with a smart charger that can quickly charge the battery from zero to 85 percent in just 2.5 hours. The M5 features a direct-drive, brushless hub motor and high-capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery.

The M5 model is foldable and has a lightweight design, which makes the scooter can easily be stored for public transportation rides or on longer commutes.

The patented M5 E-Scooter from EcoReco is now available  for $1,250 (USD). Contact marketingdirector@thesilo.ca for ordering information and further product information.


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Click to view on I-tunes

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