I Have Quit Smoking Again

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Did Hollywood glorify smoking? Sophia Loren sharing an on screen moment of smoking.

Yes, I have quit smoking . . . again. I know – I know, you have lost your faith in me because I have stopped and started and stopped and started over and over and over. You have to give me props for my perseverance though right?

It is now day 16 and I am feeling great although I have to admit, cravings still come over me, especially when I have a glass or two of wine and I realize that I have smoked for far too long. I had my first cigarette when I was a teenager and now that I am midway through my life I am motivated  for my health and for my children.

For the last five years I wasn’t a heavy smoker and to be honest I would never have classified myself as a heavy smoker in all the 26 years that I was smoking. Wow, I can’t believe I have smoked for that long. You know, I gave up a couple times? – when I was pregnant with both my children and last year I quit for a couple of months as well.

My incentive and push was the Quit and Get Fit Program which is sponsored by the Lung Association of Ontario. “Quit and Get Fit is based on scientific studies that demonstrate how physical activity, and even deep breathing, can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.” I will readily admit that I do not consider myself to be very fit, although my trainer has expressed his amazement at how strong I am, considering I have never really followed any type of fitness regime on a regular basis. It must be my First Nations blood.

Whatever the reason, the program allows “get fitters”  to take part in personal training sessions at a participating health and fitness club. Basically, you get a sponsored two-month membership and 16 sessions with a trainer. It is a really good opportunity to get familiar with your local fitness center staff and equipment. Many successful quitters will tell you that after stopping smoking they inevitably gain weight and training is a perfect way to prevent this from happening.

For any of you looking to quit smoking, check out the Lung Association of Ontario website for further information. If it’s too late to register or your local fitness center is not participating I would highly recommend taking up some type of fitness activity. For me, I hope that these two months will turn into years of taking care of myself and becoming a happier and healthier Julie.   For the Silo, Julie Mallon. 

4 Comments to I Have Quit Smoking Again

  1. I, too, have quit smoking recently.
    The bad news is I have put some weight on and really can’t afford to do so as I am already 25 pounds overweight.
    The “quit and get fit” program sounds amazing. Is it still available?

  2. Way to go, Julie! Thanks for calling attention to Quit and Get Fit. The Ontario Lung Association certainly wishes you a happy and healthy new start! How are your fitness goals coming along?

    And to Holly- you’re absolutely right, you WILL thank yourself in the end! Keep pushing yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. I am quite inspired by the hard work of all of our Quit and Get Fit participants.

  3. It would seem we are in the same boat!
    I have become an avid gym-goer – 6 days a week for 2 hours a day (approx) but the odd thing is, the moment I’m done my work out and walking home, I want a smoke soooooo bad!
    It’s all about breaking bad habits (ie, smoking while you’re drinking, smoking after eating, etc.) which is the hardest thing in my opinion. I haven’t reached the decision to quit yet but I have tried. For me, I enjoy it too much but then again I’m not a “heavy smoker” either so when I do smoke, it really is for enjoyment.
    I support you 100% though and can only say that quitting smoking is much like my attempts at the gym: there are days where I DREAD going, in fact I will postpone it for as long as possible. But somewhere in my bones, I manage to drag my ass there (even if it’s only for 30 minutes sometimes) – at least I went. Point is – like smoking, there are going to be hard times but you HAVE to push through it and you’ll thank yourself in the end!
    Congrats on your progress this far and keep it up! You have a lot of supporters behind you and I will forward to reading your next update!!!

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