Innovation: Zakistar Flip-Flops With Pebbles That Simulate Barefoot Walking

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Summer is underway and so is the time for everyone’s favorite footwear: flip-flops. Let me introduce you to the world’s first flip flop that turns a summer stroll into a unique beach experience. How? Zakistar flip-flops have beach pebbles attached the sole so you can take the beach with you wherever you go.

image: See supplemental section below.

There are benefits to walking on pebbles.  See supplemental section  below.  Image:

We love walks along sandy beaches and we’re positive you do too. The pebbles on Zakistar flip-flops increase the blood circulation in your feet and are therefore very beneficial for your wellbeing. The massage effect with every step also helps reduce the strain of stress in your everyday life.

You do not have to give up style to get maximum comfort. Zakistars are designed to grab attention. They are simple and elegant and go well with everything. Wear them to work, beach or your next shopping trip.

What are they made of?

Quality was our first priority at Zakistar, and we only use the best quality materials. The Vibram sole is used by many outdoor sport footwear brands because it does not slip on any surface. The straps are genuine leather which offers support and durability.

Kickstarter, we’re coming!

Every Zakistar flip-flop is a unique piece. They are hand made with love and care. To keep the quality at its best, we require molds and special tools for the production of our flip-flops. This is why we have decided to apply for a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is an internet platform for collecting funds for innovative ideas. If our campaign is as successful as we hope, it will give us a chance to expand our production and bring new ideas to life as well.

Health in your feet.

We all know that walking barefoot is the healthiest option. There are countless pressure points and nerve endings on the soles of our feet and by pressing on those correctly, you can benefit from reflexology. This is something that is already integrated into the Zakistar flip flops.

Who is the face behind Zakistar?

A young ambitious Aljaž Pazlar from Bled is a man of many original ideas, and Zakistar is only one of them. More than 20 people have joined in and helped him with this project. Their aim is to improve our everyday life with pure and simple means.

Origin of the idea.

Aljaž spent some of his free time walking along the shorelines of the Sava river, contemplating about his ideas. After he paid a visit to one of our greatest inventors Peter Florjančič, the seed was planted and it grew into an amazing idea which has now become a reality. For the Silo, Lojze Žust.

Supplemental-  Self-Reflexology and Benefits of Walking on Pebbles

Will Schlough:  “Walking Rocks” sculptures

walking rocks 2009 Rocks, painted bisqueware, and cement 12”x 14”x 18” and 12”x 14”x 20” Reykjavik, Iceland Will Schlough

walking rocks
Rocks, painted bisqueware, and cement
12”x 14”x 18” and 12”x 14”x 20”
Reykjavik, Iceland
Will Schlough




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