Google Fined Billions By EU For Breaking Competition Law

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Ariel Ezrachi, director of the University of Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy, says “it objects to Google leveraging its power in search to give itself an unfair advantage in price comparison.” That’s one in the eye for Silicon Valley’s “winner takes all” attitude. Google are well equipped to handle a fine though, even one that sounds so hefty. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, made a profit of almost £2 billion in the first six weeks of 2017 alone.

So, it sounds like that fine is just a drop in their considerably large ocean. But it’s still hard to imagine such a huge amount. Which got us thinking. If the average Joe were to be fined in a relative way, what would that look like? Maybe something like this infographic from  Much easier to understand (and far less than I imagined to be honest!) For the Silo, Danielle Mowbray.


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