Crop Circle Formations Predicted And Found In Etten Holland

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Nancy Talbot writes, “On Saturday night, July 12th, 2014,  Robbert and I were on Skype and Robbert said he felt that three formations were coming all in one night in different villages—one in corn (maize) and two in “grain.” He told me he “saw” (in his mind’s eye) that one would come in Roosendaal, one in Etten Leur and the other near Zevenbergen in the next few days, and he also “saw” that when their locations were plotted on a Google map they would make a “perfect” triangle”.

Location: Etten Leur, Holland  Crop: Maize (corn)  Found by: Robbert van den Broeke ( Photos: Roy Boschman

Around midnight on July 15-16, Roy happened to be with Robbert when Robbert’s familiar “restlessness” forced him to ask his friend to once again drive him out to find what he was certain would be the three new formations. As they prepared to leave the house Robbert had a clear “vision” of a circle in a corn (maize) field near Etten Leur, and got the street name of “Ettense baan.” As they neared this area Robbert suddenly knew they musts turn left onto a narrow sandy road; when they turned both men started to feel very dizzy and Roy noticed that his mobile phone began acting “weird.” Robbert felt a “UFO was directly over Roy’s car,” almost immediately after which they found a maize field.

As they parked the car Robbert became aware of a “massive” presence of what he felt was a “master-society race” and got the impression that these were the beings he has felt were involved with previous circles in his are)—and felt an additional presence he describes as being “loving and divine guardian angels.” As the men began walking through the 2.5m-tall corn they both became so dizzy they thought they might lose consciousness.

Because the maize circle was deep inside the field and the stalks were high above both men’s heads Robbert says he was guided as if he “were a robot…go here…turn here…stop here,” and they did eventually find the new circle, with all of the corn stalks gently bent over and swirled around, with none broken.

Since he had never been to this field before he began to feel real anxiety as he and Roy stood for awhile on the edge of the circle—fearing that the farmer might come and be angry with them. Robbert also experienced an “electric-like energy” so intensely that his whole body began to shake—and “knew” he was being “once again told” to stay calm…that everything was OK. While still in the maize field Robbert got another “vision” and knew they had to now drive to Roosendaal. For more photos of this Etten Leur circle (#12 Dutch circles of 2014), see Robbert’s website, “graancirkelarchief”:

"Here’s the 2nd Dutch cc the night of July 16th" Nancy Talbott

“Here’s the 2nd Dutch cc the night of July 16th” Nancy Talbott

The 2nd of the three new formations discovered the night of July 16th was in Roosendaal, not too far from where Roy & Robbert found the one in Rapeseed/Canola on March l7th, 2014.

As the men were leaving the maize circle at Etten-Leur Robbert again had a “vision” (he apparently literally sees, in his mind’s eye, not only what the new circle will look like, but the area—and often the exact field—where it will be), this time of a ring with 3 circles placed around it.

Once in the right area the men found a field of ripe barley and almost immediately found this 2nd formation, which indeed was made up of a ring with three circles placed around it—just as Robbert had “seen” in Etten Leur. Robbert also clearly saw an “aura” hanging over this circle as they approached it and felt a “welcome” sort of energy and an intense tingling on his arms, as if he had entered an electrostatic field of some sort, and got the impression that this formation was a “preparation” for something bigger.

"He told Roy he felt that this circle had just formed only minutes before."

“He told Roy he felt that this circle had just formed only minutes before.”

He also “saw” an area near Roosendaal where there was a “rotating energy” over this grain field. He told Roy he felt that this circle had just formed only minutes before. As they approached this formation both men became very dizzy again; his phone was also again acting strangely,   When they then came to a grain field Robbert saw an “energy UFO” in this case one of a “classic” UFO shape sitting directly over this field, and then told Roy to stop. This circle has an incredible feature—the very thin inner ring is only 10 cm. wide–so thin that no adult human foot could possibly have created it.

Holland Crop Circle

They could both feel the intense energy which Robbert described as being both “strong” and “gentle,” and he felt he must go and stand in the center (being very careful not to squash the center standing tuft) for a few minutes. His sense was that he was supposed to function as an “acupuncture point” in this circle also.   When they returned home just before 3 am Roy did plot the location of the three new formations on a Google map, and it does look as if the connecting lines form an isosceles triangle….just as Robbert had “seen” they would. For the Silo, Nancy Talbot.



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