Computer controlled Vanity is here- New app Auto-Enhances selfies via A.I.

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Amazingly natural, artifact-free "face slimming" feature.

Amazingly natural, artifact-free “face slimming” feature.

World First: Mira, the intelligent selfie app (London, UK, August 2015) Anthropics Technology has announced the launch of Mira Selfie Editor, the world’s first intelligent selfie app for iOS and Android.

Combining artificial intelligence and image enhancement, Mira understands what makes people look good and lets users airbrush faces automatically.

Chief Mira Scientist Tony Polichroniadis comments:

“By understanding what makes people look beautiful, Mira can improve all aspects of a selfie with just one tap. Users do not need to use any special tools: the app understands what to do and does it for you. This is the culmination of over ten years of research, and we are thrilled to be releasing this technology to smartphone users everywhere.”

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Mira’s unique cutting-edge features include:

Relighting – change the light source to flatter your face. World first

Lens correction – fix unflattering cameraphone distortion. World first

Skin perfection – remove spots, wrinkles and blemishes.

Best in class skin enhancer.

Face refining – slim the face and de-emphasise prominent features. Intelligently moves face towards beauty.

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About Mira:

Mira has been developed by the makers of PortraitPro, the world’s best-selling portrait enhancement software. Used by over half a million professional photographers and retouchers, PortraitPro is the best reviewed and most advanced software for automatic face enhancement.

About Anthropics Technology:

Anthropics Technology has been the overwhelming world leader in professional face beautification since 2005. We are now bringing our unique intelligent technology to mobiles.

Click to view on I-tunes

Click to view on I-tunes

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