Jim’s 1961 Tri-Power Impala Was Excellent Moonshine Runner

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The Rides Of Haldimand-Norfolk:

What more is there to say about this car except “Wow”? Jim’s 1961 Tri-Power Chevrolet Impala is yet another pure gem hidden away somewhere in Norfolk County.

Back in the day, these cars were known in the South as an excellent choice for moonshine runners. It must have been difficult if not impossible for a police car of that era to keep up with this 280 HP, Triple Deuce carbureted, 348 cubic inch big block.

With no power steering or power brakes you sure did get a pretty good feel for those windy, dirt back roads. Yet because of these removed features the car had no loss of available horsepower or throttle response.

With a borg-warner 100 T-10 4 speed transmission and posi 4:11 rear-end, this car puts the power directly to the road.

These traits also made these Impalas widely used in stock car racing and drag racing as well. This pure beauty of a car is painted in a factory Ermin white, with a factory red and ivory interior. Some of the rarer options include: front and rear bumper guards, E-Z eye solar guard glass and wide, white walls.

In a world of ‘rip it down and change it’, this car is still running an old school Delco battery and generator. It is very un-common to still have these options installed.

Owned by Jim, a stunt driver with Legend Filming Network you can bet the only way you’ll see this car in the Delhi area is when it’s passing you in 3rd gear with all three deuces wide open.

Extra Facts- The big flag badging on the grille and trunk lid was specific to only 348 cars, they came in 240 HP, 280 HP and the high horsepower 350 HP models. In late 1961 Chevrolet introduced the 409. That same year, the windshield wipers swept in the same direction.  Robb Price is a regular classic vehicle writer for The Silo and operates WC Kustoms in Windham Centre, ON

11 Comments to Jim’s 1961 Tri-Power Impala Was Excellent Moonshine Runner

  1. Oh come on. Gougle (it’s spelled Google btw) doesn’t know everything. I gougled “Moon Landing” and found all kinds of fake stuff from some website called NAZA. We all know the Moon Landing was faked………right? 😉 keep those commments coming in. wait until you see the beauty car we’re profiling in our new PRINT edition about to hit the streets real soon. It’s a silver bullet that ‘talks the talk, and walks the walk” stay tuned ! CP

  2. The whole family

    The last comment is WRONG. Gougle jims dhounts name you will find out he is a total fraud.

  3. You’re totally right, Robb. I was wrong to say that Jim is a fraud, and that Legends does not exist. Rumors really can get the best of us. It was a great article you wrote, and looks like a beautiful car. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future!!

  4. I’ ve had a few calls about my article, all i wanna say is that the article is about the car, not not about someones bad dealings, I wrote what I was told.

    btw i think he might have also jumped the grand canyon on a rocket propelled golf cart too… lol

  5. No he’s not. He’s a legend. After jumping a tank of great white sharks on a modified Honda ATV, Jim became the world’s greatest unknown stunt driver. He hung around with Evil Kneivel in the 70’s and was snatched up by Legends. He signed a contract and worked for a cup of gold coins until the oil crisis forced him into retirement. True story.

  6. Peter Jackson

    I heard these cars catch 3rd gear rubber. Can you please verify if this is true. Also…who is this Jim guy, I would really like to meet him.

  7. Car is now owned by Peter Huyge of Leamington Ontario and will be in this coming weekends Car Show at the Delhi Harvest Fest

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