‘Lighter than Air’- Inside The High Flying World Of Hot Air Balloons

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Hopefully everyone has seen a hot air balloon in flight, but have you ever wondered when the first one was invented? Or how much hot air is required to get them off the ground? Or where they are stored when they aren’t being used? SpareFoot was wondering the same thing, and the data we came across is quite astonishing.  – Infographic for the Silo courtesy of http://blog.sparefoot.com/6942-hot-air-balloons-infographic/ &  http://visual.ly

Hot Air Balloon InfoGraphic

Wow! You made it to the bottom of a pretty long infographic! That’s impressive 🙂 Here’s a little reward:

SupplementalBaumgartner’s record setting Free Fall event utilized Hot Air Balloon to reach “edge of space”

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