Clek’s Tips For safe Family Travel this Summer include approved child restraint for flying

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An example of an approved Child Airplane Travel Harness. CP

An example of an approved Child Airplane Travel Harness. CP

Toronto, June, 2014 – Summer travel means quality time with family. New places, new experiences, and best of all, spending time with each other in a relaxed environment. Clek, the award-winning car seat company, offers the following tips for a fun and safe vacation:
1.       Research your destination to ensure it is child friendly.  Find out if your destination will accommodate infants and toddlers to ensure you have a relaxing, worry-free vacation. A great place to start is the local tourism board. Check online reviews to find out if it is family-friendly.

2.      Plan to travel safely. Whether you’re traveling by air or ground, ensure you have access to a car seat for s says Trudy Slaght, Beyond safety, bringing your own car ” Transport Canada highly recommends the use of an approved child restraint for all phases of flight. The use of a child restraint system provides the greatest degree of protection for the infant or child and its use during flight will help in case of unanticipated turbulence. By using the child restraint on the aircraft, it will also ensure that you will have it available for use in the car at your destination.
Don’t worry about going over the carry-on limit for air travel, you’re allowed the extra item where car seats are concerned. Plus, Clek’s weelee is a universal travel bag that makes bringing your own car seat a breeze!

3.       Give yourself extra time.

Everything takes longer with kids so arrive early. For air or bus travel this means you can have your seats pre-assigned, maybe even be placed in a row with extra space, otherwise you risk being separated from your kids. For road trips, be sure to t over pack your vehicle so as to impede visibility.  Plan pit stops along the way: playgrounds, parks, landmark attractions, etc. Buckle up and have fun!

4.       Plan what to bring.

You won’t have access to all your preferred comforts on the road. Beyond your packed items, bring these essentials with you that should be easily accessible:

For baby: Diapers, wipes, change pads, bottles, extra clothes, formula, etc.

First Aid Kit: Band aids, hand sanitizer, antiseptic cream, gauze pads, plastic bag (for car sickness), medicine, etc.

Snacks: water, drink boxes, easy-to-eat snacks (i.e. sandwiches, cheese, apple slices, granola bars, cookies, cereal raisins, crackers, etc.)

Favourite toy: A familiar object will make your child more comfortable on the road (i.e. teddy bear, blanky, pillow, book, etc.). Keep in mind it could get lost. Something special and new for the trip can make it extra fun too.

Other: sunblock, bug spray, flashlight, phone charger, gps/road side assistance plan, maps, disposable toilet seat covers, etc.

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About Clek: Clek, based in Toronto, Canada, provides modern safety products for today’s families on the go. Utilizing contemporary styling cues and advanced engineering techniques, Clek products excel in both form and function. With simple innovative solutions, Clek products are designed to make life easier without sacrificing style or safety. Clek 2014 products are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants as per a study with Clek seats are recyclable through Clek’s recycling program.

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