Swiss designed milKit lets Mountain Bikers check sealant Without Removing Tires

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Swiss invention milKit makes mountain biking with tubeless tires easier than ever. With milKit, riders and racers can quickly measure and check their remaining tire sealant with a simple, portable kit, adding sealant as needed while leaving their tires on the rim, maintaining air pressure, keeping their hands clean and saving time. The inventors are currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo

MilKit LogoTubeless without the tedium: milKit is the fastest way to inspect, measure and add sealant; easy to install and compatible with all standard rims.

Tubeless tires have more traction, a lower rolling resistance and are more puncture proof than traditional bike tires. But they can also be a pain to maintain, potentially slowing you down in the middle of a race — unless you’re riding with milKit.

Mountain bikers riding on tubeless tires normally must detach their tires to check their remaining sealant, a time-consuming and messy process. milKit eliminates the guessing game and lets professional and amateur riders alike quickly and easily check and add to their remaining sealant in seconds, while their tires remain on their rims and their bikes stay at the ready.

MilKit Use Instructions

The Swiss invention milKit comprises two easy-to-install valves that are compatible with all standard rims and a custom applicator that lets bikers remove, inspect and inject sealant whenever needed, with no mess or fuss.


–       Installing milKit is easy: Insert the special milKit valves like usual valves in rims. They fit to any standard rim.

–       Pump the tire to 1.5 bar / 22psi

–       Insert sealant with the milKit applicator and keep your hands clean


–       Save time: Measure and refill sealant without deflating the tire.

–       No more guessing games: Riders will always know exactly how much sealant is needed

–       A rubber flab prevents sealant from filling and blocking the valves

–       Clean hands and simple to use

Maintaining sealant volume and quality is paramount to a safe ride over any terrain, and there’s no better way to do it than with milKit. And milKit means briefer pit stops during endurance races, when a few minutes saved can make all the difference.

Thomas FrischknechtProfessional riders agree: mountain biking legend Thomas Frischknecht approved of our prototypes, and Cape Epic 2015 champion Christoph Sauser believes they’re “great.”

The portable milKit applicator has a home in every biker’s pack. And now mountain bikers all over the world can use Indiegogo to help make milKit the ubiquitous product it deserves to be. By contributing on Indiegogo riders can ensure they’re among the first to experience easy tubeless mountain biking and faster races. Head to the milKit website to see for yourself what milKit can do.

About milKit

milKit is a Swiss team of experienced engineers, designers and computer scientists that share one passion: mountain biking. They work together to develop solutions to everyday problems that face mountain biking enthusiasts. Checking sealant presented one such a problem, and milKit is the answer.



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