We Visit “Happy Sewing” at Marburg,ON Hall

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There’s something ubiquitous about rural Canadiana. It’s not just the rustic decor, the warm greeting and a large picture of our Queen that transported us back to a more familial age- it was a calm sense of ‘doing it’ [kind of like a duty] that permeated the air. “Happy Sewing” is an informal meeting of various citizens from mainly around Norfolk County and includes a vestige of the membership of the Marburg Women’s Instution [or so we were told CP].   You may find it interesting to know that The Silo has been regularly exploring Marburg as a great country drive destination- and leaving copies of our paper on their front porch for quite some time. Earlier this week we had the great fortune to be received by the “happy sewing” members and were reminded just a  bit more about the long tradition and heritage of rural halls such as the one at Marburg.

In another age, these halls were more than just country drive destinations- they offered a lodge type setting and a beacon of warmth and inclusion. It is easy to picture a time before the automobile, when horse drawn carriages pulled up along front and the weary passengers and drivers might knock on the door for a mug of hot cider or to inquire politely, asking for directions to their ultimate destination.
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 Fast forward a hundred and fifty years and that air of earthy goodness still exists. There was a refreshing ‘no fuss’ attitude from the ladies that welcomed us in. Their maturity and grace was evident in the care and patience discovered in their craft. This was a generation that had no sense of entitlement. It was “roll up your sleeves and get to it” and a great look into another slice of our heritage and culture. We hope are invited back for a famous Marburg Sunday Brunch soon. JB



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