Small town doctor celebrates 100th birthday – coincides with Olympic closing ceremony #win

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to share in the 100th birthday celebration of Dr. Powell in Hagersville. I was astounded to find out that he has delivered some 2300 babies throughout his career, and many of them right here in Haldimand. This is a man that worked tirelessly as a family physician, and still found time to be a builder of the great community of Hagersville. His application of medicine was one of common sense rather than science and many times it was his reassurances that were sought after rather than a prescription.

The world sure has changed in the past one-hundred years…example? We now have custom-designed three-dimensional edible cakes like this one. CP

Later I found myself glued to the television watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I was impressed at the pride that was being demonstrated by each of the countries but particularly the host country as London delivered an exceptional ceremony. Did you know that there were a total of 11,000 athletes that participated in various events? I noticed many displaying their medals as the cameras caught the athletes celebrating. It then hit me that with only 1,000 medals available to be won, almost 10,000 of the athletes there had not won anything.

While the old cliché, “misery loves company” can certainly be prevalent in our day to day lives, I was truly moved by the idea of the overwhelming number of athletes that did not win; appeared to be just as proud, just as happy, and just as impressive as those carrying medals. Now I know this is the Olympics, it is surreal in the first place, and just being there is an experience onto itself. Regardless they all looked like winners.

[100 year old Fauja Singh sets Guiness World Book Record by completing the 42km Toronto Waterfront Marathon earlier this year]

Back to Dr. Powell, here is an individual that delivered enough babies that with their offspring now, you could say that this man in his life has been responsible to some degree for the lives of just as many as the athletes that participated in the Olympics. Now there is no medal for that, but just the same what truly moved me is that of the babies Dr. Powell cared for only one may have grown to be an Olympian, but if asked, he would tell you that they all are and this was consistent in how he approached all his patients. In fact, all his patients were winners because he treated them as such.
While I am watching the closing ceremonies, I am moved and proud of the accomplishments of our many athletes, but I would be remiss if I did not speak of the same pride that exists for someone who has done so much for a small community here in Haldimand, Happy Birthday Dr. Powell.  For the Silo by Haldimand Mayor Ken Hewitt

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