Secret To Comfy Fall And Winter- Nudy Patooty’s Transformative Undergarments

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As we approach Fall and Winter and the weather starts becoming cooler, one of the best ways to layer is using Nudy Patooty’s bamboo undergarments and basics under your clothing. Nudy Patooty is meant to regulate your body temperature, keeping you and your clothing fresh and dry. Their products also have a nice smoothing effect. We are loving them both as underwear under our office attire, as well as the basic t-shirts for warmer days or for layering under sweaters or blazers. They really are a wardrobe must-have!


The secret to layering, even in Fall and Winter, is to look stylish, not bulky. With Nudy Patooty’s innovative collection of ultra-soft bamboo undergarments and basics, you can seamlessly layer your fall fashions and holiday outfits in a multitude of ways.

Nudy Patooty’s transformative undergarments wick away sweat before it becomes an embarrassing stain or damages your clothes.  Each Nudy Patooty is made with high tech fabric that absorbs perspiration and protects your outfit to keep you feeling fresh as you go from the office to holiday parties.  A Nudy Patooty undergarment will get your favorite clothes back into regular wardrobe rotation while offering perks such as extending the life of your clothes, creating less laundry, lowering drying cleaning costs, and helping to regulate your body temperature.

 Nudy Patooty’s undergarments feature patented Sweat-Secret Technology, a high performance fabric in the underarm area to absorb moisture to help you stay dry and comfortable and your clothes clean.

Nudy Patooty’s basic tees and tanks are also super comfortable essentials for layering, loungewear and sleepwear, and are perfect pieces to have in your wardrobe as the weather gets colder.

Both lightweight and stylish, Nudy Patooty will keep your body feeling fresh and fabulous underneath everything from your weekend sweaters to work silk blouses to holiday party dresses.

  • Keep clothes clean and like new longer
  • Prevent embarrassing sweat stains from ruining an outfit (and your day)
  • Comfortably smooth the figure without being constrictive
  • Patented fabric technology absorbs and whisks away moisture from the body
  • Organic bamboo regulates body temperature, keeping you cooler when warm and warmer when cool (perfect for fall layering!)
  • Save money by not having to dry clean as often and save time by reducing laundry
  •  Eco-friendly: made of organic bamboo and sustainably manufactured in Canada

Nudy Patooty is great for all shapes and sizes. Fitted and ultra-soft, you can choose from a variety of classic feminine styles to keep you comfortable and worry-free during the holidays, in the office, or anytime! For the Silo, Katie Guest.

Styles and prices range from USD$46 to USD$56. For more information, visit: or email: 

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