Published or self-published Author? Need to sell more? Publicity 101 by Sherri Rosen

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Publicity From the Trenches Authors How To MarketNew York City– Authors seeking the fame and fortune that only the NY Times bestseller list promises, oftentimes flock to find a publicist without really knowing what publicity is or the results it can provide.  Now, thanks to veteran publicist Sherri Rosen, everything authors want to know about publicity but are afraid to ask can be found in her new release, Publicity From The Trenches: For Published and Self-Published Authors.  

Rosen provides sound advice to published and self-published authors alike.  “This is a book I felt had to be written,” says Rosen. “It’s amazing how many people I talk to that don’t know what their publisher is doing to promote their book. Publicity From the Trenches: For Published and Self-Published authors helps authors understand the roles of publisher and publicist and how-to capitalize on this relationship to create the best campaign possible. Simply put, it opens up the playing field.”

Readers can expect to learn:

•    Publicity 101:  Exploring the basics of publicity
•    Things to look for when seeking a publicist
•    Setting realistic expectations for your publicity campaign
•    How does publicity translate to book sales?
•    Why PR is vital to an integrated promotional plan
•    Tips for self-publishing
•    Inspirational publicity:  It’s not about BIG money, but being honest and real
•    Using social media to your benefit
•    Creating a powerful brand
•    Building an online platform
•    Best practices for using traditional media
•    Author, publisher, publicist:  Building an effective team

Sherri Rosen has owned a publicity firm in NYC for 17 years, giving a powerful voice to people who are doing good things in the world. Her very first client was on the NY Times bestseller list for 63 weeks. Publicity From The Trenches: For Published and Self-Published Authors is Sherri’s third book. She is a powerhouse on interviews in radio, television, book signings, et al. She now resides in Harlem, NYC and loves the diversity and the creativity in her neighborhood–the same as in her business. She works with people all over the world.

Does Your Work Have Meaning To You

For more information, visit:  
Publicity From The Trenches: For Published and Self-Published Authors
By Sherri Rosen
Publisher:  CreateSpace
ISBN-10: 1508749469
ISBN-13: 978-1508749462
132 pages

Available at Amazon (Click on the link above)


Janet Fuller:  “Rosen believes that publicity must be based on honesty and integrity. She has coined a term, “inspirational publicity”, to describe publicity that isn’t about making big money but is instead honest and real.”

Edie Weinstein: “Rosen encourages educated risk taking … She speaks of the leaps of faith that authors need to take as they birth their ‘baby’ out into the world … Believing in oneself and one’s creation are stepping stones that can lead to the desired success. She uses the term “Inspirational Publicity” to spread the word about what she refers to as “books that bless” and make a difference in the world.”

Adam Fuller: “Great, short introduction to what authors need to promote their books. I love the design and layout, which is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. The writing is crisp, clear, and straight to the point.”

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