Passion For Patterns Pay’s Off – Waterford’s Quilt Junction

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Pursuing your life passion may require a step back from the lifestyle you have invested years into constructing, and taking a leap of faith to change by placing your passion as the new focus of your life. Lana Thomson, who has lived in the Norfolk area for 10 years, took over Quilt Junction located at 121 Alice St. Waterford, from Stephanie Bradshaw-Moddison in February 2011.


Thompson is a lady with an adventurous past. She completed university and became a mechanical engineer, which lead her into an exciting and fulfilling career in Alberta and various countries around the world. The time came for her to settle somewhere after all her travels, and experiencing a life tragedy helped her reassess life’s purpose and to focus on what seemed truly important to her – pursuing her creative side, which her career had somewhat hindered, so she opened up a quilt shop.

Bradshaw-Moddison created the shop to pursue her passion for quilting that was inspired very young, and Thompson too saw this unique and thriving business as an awesome opportunity to pursue her longtime passion for quilting, for all the intricate fabrics involved, and working with the public and culture in Norfolk County.

Thompson pursued the shop with a purpose in mind, and likewise her quilts have always been designed with the person they are for in mind. Thompson does this by using pieces of the person’s own used fabrics or colours and patterns that reflect them. Creating a one-of-a-kind quilt that suits the recipient.


There is also history contained within the quilts Thompson produces, and they are featured in the shop.


Reproduction fabrics are not an easy item to procure but Thompson is proud to have them as a unique feature to her shop. You may also purchase high quality 100% cotton fabric at the shop, as well as all of the necessary notions and tools for the craft. Wool and felt are new and exciting features, commonly used for appliqué, penny mats, and doilies. Particular quilt patterns and kits are available, and custom quilt orders can be made.


You may not know that every block in quilting has a name with historical significance. For example, a log cabin is a type of square that was named by early settlers who no doubt lived in cabins themselves, and in the center is a smaller red square symbolizing the hearth of the family home.

Quilt Junction has brought in culturally diverse customers, with varying pasts and interests that influence their curiosity for the art. The building also brings a curious crowd, being an old train station, it a unique historical site and is owned by the Waterford Heritage Society. It’s charm alone lures in many. Thompson has found the shop generates a lot of business from tourists who are interested in seeing a wonderful display of unique stories and history of Norfolk. Being open now on Sundays has also proved positive for tourists traveling through.

Thompson will be showing as a vendor at The Royal Botanical Gardens in the “Quilts in the Gardens” event, and was also a vendor at the Quilt & Fibre Art Festival in St. Jacobs the last week in May. She enjoys being involved around the local community as well and has Girl Guides come in to teach them quilting classes. There are a variety of other classes offered at the shop for quilters of all levels, and more information can be found on the Quilt Junction website:

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